Warriors Orochi PSP review by GameSpot

If the Dynasty Warriors franchise is to be commended for anything, it should be for its utter unwillingness to evolve -- it has absolutely perfected the art of remaining static in a landscape of constant flux. Warriors Orochi continues this long and dubious practice by melding the worlds of Dynasty Warriors with its Japanese offshoot Samurai Warriors, and the result is a game that the faithful it caters to time and time again will surely enjoy immensely. If, on the other hand, you do not enjoy brainless button mashing, laughably one-dimensional gameplay, and a severely aged combat system, you're better off running for the hills.

The Good
* The large battlefields of the console versions are mostly intact
* A total of 77 warriors from both franchises to recruit.

The Bad
* Boring, brainless button mashing
* Ugly and repetitive environments
* Poorly executed team system
* Enemy soldiers almost always pop up onscreen.

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