PlayTM: Lost Empire: Immortals Review

PlayTM writes: "Let's get this out of the way so you know what to expect before reading any further. Lost Empire is not a simple game, it's not a game you can drop into for five minutes and have an enjoyable time not using your brain. Even in a genre that is often quite complex, Lost Empire: Immortals takes "complex" to a whole new level and then makes each mission excessively long just to make sure that you know this is 'hardcore'. Also, don't start thinking it's a sequel or an expansion pack to Lost Empire, it's not, it's a 'new game inspired by the old one' according to the developers Pollux Game Labs. If you're still reading by now, then well done. You're obviously a real fan of either Lost Empire or turn-based strategy games; and I say well done to you. There are many great turn-based strategy games in this world, not least of all the Civilization series and the Total War series; both admirable examples of a genre that although often slightly daunting at first, turns out to produce some marvelously addictive gaming. However, in the case of Lost Empire, it's a real test of even the most hardened of turn-based strategy fans."

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