COD4 has its own Double EXP Weekend

Considering that their game is the most-played game on Live, it seems a bit strange that Call of Duty 4 would be taking cues from its defeated opponent. Yet to celebrate the release of the Variety Map pack, Infinity Ward is doing just that, taking a leaf out of Bungie's book and creating their very own version of the Double EXP Weekend. The COD4 weekend is a bit different than the Halo 3 system however. In Halo 3 the boosted EXP is limited to a specific playlist: Grifball. In Hal- er, we mean COD4, the EXP is doubled any time a match is played on the Variety DLC maps. So while you're effectively paying for the new EXP, it is good to see Infinity Ward taking preemptive steps to match anything that could lead to Halo 3 coming back to the top. Competition breeds excellence right?

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mswan9994243d ago

Too bad I can't enjoy the maps because according to MS at

Xbox LIVE users may experience issues with purchasing marketplace items, receiving title updates, and account management.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Dark_Vendetta4243d ago

Well I see a "up and running" so get your maps fast if you really want them ;)

TheSadTruth4242d ago

Why do people care about the rankings in CoD 4? Whoever plays the most will get the highest rank, it doesn't represent skill, just how much free time you have. Halo 3, an inferior game in my opinion, has a system that actually means something, if you get to level 50 it's because you are skilled, not everyone can get to 50. Double XP weekend is stupid for both games, in CoD 4 because XP is pointless, and for Halo 3 because it's restricted to one stupid playlist.

Mr PS34243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

Here you go Pay for this Pay for that !!
Bend over Bots and touch your toe's
You will always get what you pay for and in the SUCKA'S case they pay for a Right Royal Shafting !!

Xbots = SUCKA'S

t-0_ot-4242d ago

You seem to know how that goes.. I guess Kaz AND Ken are plugging you real good eh?

Bro, you're just mad that your still Wai.........................ti ng for the maps. =]

ps360s4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

double XP on the Ps3 version...I played like no was crazy I tell you!

EDIT: ok I werent dissing the xbox 360 version! so stop behaving like a kid whoever disagreed...I kick yr ass on RB6 Vegas 2 (xbox 360)!

Phaqutomb4242d ago

yes they had the double xp weekend back in december or january.

The Dark Knight4243d ago

they so didnt copy halo. Totally original

HarryEtTubMan4243d ago

Poor bunjie. Everyone bought into the OMGGGG HALO 3!!! HYPE and nkow no one will even play that sh!T HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA Halo 3 sold around 7 milion copies and cant even beat 1.3 that are playing COD4 on XBL.... guess what??? There are more people on PSN playing COD4 than on XBL!!!!! Mose people on PSN are playing COD 4 than Halo 3 on XBL AAND THIS IS A PROVEN 100% TRUTH FACT.

Killzone 2, Resistance 2 and Metal Gear Solid owns the 360 4 said BRING IT ON BOTS. HAHAHAHAHAHA YOU WILL BE OWNED.

caffman4242d ago

more people are playing the new maps on XBL than on the PSN.

oh wait......

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The story is too old to be commented.