GameSpy: Saints Row 2 Preview

GameSpy writes: "At THQ's media event this week, we got to spend some time with the new Saints Row 2. From our time with the game, largely spent wreaking havoc with the new weapons and vehicles, developer Volition is sticking close to the original's strengths and leaving its weaknesses unaddressed. Guns, freedom, and drugs are still the focus of the game; broad social commentary and biting humor are not.

Running around the city of Stilwater a few years after the events of Saints Row, our fresh-from-the-slammer protagonist was out to find out who had caused the cataclysm at the end of the first game, to reclaim the Row, and to claw his way back to the top. The first step in doing so is character customization. Unlike Grand Theft Auto IV's iconic Niko, your character in SR2 can look however you like. It can be male or female, heavy-set or thin, muscular or flabby, young or old; you can even customize your character's walk style and "non-verbal communications." We chose the classic "flipping the bird" and a crisp salute for our angry and polite gestures, and made a wiry old Asian avatar to bring into the world of SR2."

-More weapon choices
-Co-op play
-Customization options
-Better respect options
-Over-the-shoulder aiming

-No huge improvements
-Sluggish visuals
-Inorganic environments

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