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Potential for better graphics on PS3 than 360, says dev

The PS3 has the potential to achieve better graphics than the Xbox 360, a Volition developer has told

Speaking to at THQ's Gamers Day in San Francisco, California, this week, Jeff Carroll, associate producer in charge of multiplayer and PS3 on upcoming third-person action game Red Faction: Guerrilla, said that while developers will struggle with the PS3 at first, once they "figure it out" they will find "a very powerful system underneath".

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Lord Anubis4917d ago (Edited 4917d ago )

it's no surprise, i mean look at GT5 MGS4 Killzone Uncharted

however, Cell is perfect for physics and that's where the future of gaming will be. I can only imagine how things will be by the end of cycle.

Sonarus the games are calling you

sonarus4917d ago

yea yea how bout we let the games do the talking so far sony has played GT5P and uncharted up to 360 to top that

crazy250004917d ago

What does Microsoft have from its first year to compete with that?

The Killer4917d ago

the graphics in ps3 uses the help of Cell which the ps3 has 7 Cells CPU's, combined RSX with Cell they can do wonders if devs can figure them out, while the 360 was easy technology to use and it didnt need much time to figure out, i think bioshock set the bar of what 360 can achieve

HighDefinition4917d ago (Edited 4917d ago )

By years end, I could see N4G basically just being posistive PS3 related news, this has been a massive turn around and is causing some serious momentum for it. Beautiful.

I wonder if the PS3 will be able to gain as much 3rd party support as PS2? Cause right now, it`s on FIRE!!!!

JsonHenry4917d ago

They have been saying this since BEFORE the PS3 even launched... Now would be a good time to prove it Volition!

HighDefinition4917d ago

It`s ENTIRE 2008 line-up is proving it.

Starting with Metal Gear Solid 4.

Blademask4917d ago (Edited 4917d ago )

1. Forza2
2. PGR4
5. Bioshock
6. Banjo Kazooie

I mean.. thats really it.. none of them are on the level of Uncharted or GT5p. But.. there you go.

Jazz41084917d ago

it's no surprise, i mean look at GT5 MGS4 Killzone Uncharted

I dont quite understand what you are saying, the only game I can look at is Uncharted?

Genesis54917d ago

I think the key word people are missing here is potential. Potential takes time to develope. The Cell isn't even 2 years old yet. I notice a lot of people in here have no patience.It's I have too see it now,now,now now,now. Relax.

He's not the first developer to say this. Others are talking about games in 4D real time passage. I'm not a devloper but I can imagine these things are not easy to do. People are slowly figuring it out. Well at least the one that are willing to spend the time and resources on it. Those are the ones that will be rewarded(us too) with the awe inspiring real games of the next generation.

CrazzyMan4917d ago

all i know,
GT5 will have best graphics in driving games.
Motorstorm 2 in offroad driving games.
FFXIII in jrpgs.
Ratchet in 3d platform games.
Killzone 2/Resistance 2 in FPS on consoles atleast.
MGS4/Uncharted/8 days in 3rd person action games.
Naruto PS3 in anime games.
God of War 3 in slasher games.
Team Ico game will have best graphics.
Wardevil also will be amazing.
Getaway 3 will have best graphics in sand-box games.

That`s just how it mean to be. You can stay in denial.

yesah4917d ago

yea...this is one of those "well duh" articles

mistertwoturbo4917d ago

Gears of War... Of course, that's the only game you can use to argue graphics with anymore. I'd definitely like to see Gears 2 though, so for the next 2-3 years after that, you can use that game to argue graphics against the PS3.

MicroDeath SoftStar4917d ago (Edited 4917d ago )

360 has great graphics but come on guys, who in there right mind didn't know that the ps3 is more powerful? as for the article stating that the ps3 has potential to succeed 360 in graphics , its not just potential.... its succeeding the 360 graphics wise right now and the gap will continue to increases for a few years

JsonHenry4917d ago

I will believe it when I see it.

And don't tell me Uncharted, the last Splinter Cell game looked every bit as good as Uncharted (which is really good).

And as far as GTp goes, I have to agree that game looks pretty damn good. But nothing that just blows anything else out of the water that I have seen.

If the PS3 is more powerful, then as an owner I would love for them to prove it. But as it stands right now, I don't see anything that is just so much better than the 360 to make me balk at the idea of buying something for the 360 instead of the PS3. (or the other way around for that that matter)

gaffyh4917d ago

We (non-fanboys) already knew this from the beginning, how can you have ~25Ghz processing speed and not be more powerful? Hopefully now people will see that PS3 is technically more powerful, Criterion devs said the same thing.

AuToFiRE4916d ago

actually.. i think all games are better on the PS3 graphics-wise because of the blu-ray disc, it can accept and hold the HD data where you would need 8 DL-DVDs to hold the same data so it is physically impossible for the 360 to have better graphics

Blademask4916d ago (Edited 4916d ago )

Multiplatform titles are NEVER the titles that show off a game systems capabilities.

You and everyone else in the world knows that Splinter Cell isn't nearly as advanced as Uncharted, nor did it get any praise as Uncharted has for its graphics.

I know you PERSONALLY can't take whichever goggles you have on off.. But you do have to realize that there is a large group of people as well as reviewers who are praising Uncharted's Graphic Engine as an entire package:

Stream Loading
Sheer number of things going on and Detail.
Quality of the Models *Resolution*

Splinter cell might have 1 thing going for it, but there is no way in hell it trumps Uncharted in all 3 categories. Thats how you would quantify the "power" of a game system. Dynasty Warriors has millions of things going on, but the lighting is terrible. It doesn't Stream load, and the models are low polygon. If you try to find a comparable title, you will not be able to.

Its a shame that the 360 has no EXCLUSIVE titles that show off any titles that can hold a Technical and Graphical candle next to the PS3. This entire thread has proved that. Again, you personally feel like the PS3 isn't awe inspiring, or impressive. But you would have to understand that you are definitely in a minority here.

You are more than likely comparing PS3 titles to perfection. Because if you compare them to other competing console titles, there is 100% no contest. I stand by what I say when I ask people to find titles that perform as Uncharted does. No one can. All they can come up with is a list of games that: #1 don't stream load. #2 Shaders are no where near at the level of uncharted. #3 Nothing close to HDRI lighting or Dynamic lighting for that matter. Everything is BAKED into the map already. #4 Number of things going on at once. IN 1 title which is the point of showing off the Hardwares Capabilities. Sure games can all have 1 part here, and one part there. But none do the entire thing and look anything close to Uncharted. For some reason, especially on N4G. No one likes to give the PS3 credit for anything. Hell you even have people that HONESTLY think that Forza2 looks better than GT5p. Its obvious to everyone outside of the fanboy doors that the PS3 is newer technology than the 360. Its clear to everyone that the PS3 has titles that could never run on the 360. We aren't talking about bad ports, we are talking about things the 360 couldn't do, and HAS NOT done since launch. I'll be shocked if Gears 2 makes a graphical jump over Gears 1, considering no other exclusive title has been able to do so. The games all look bland, and we are going into 2008 with r6v1.5 bursting out the gates, looking again, bland and recycled.

So when is the 360 supposed to start showing off its graphics? 2009?

At LEAST the Reviewing/Media has turned around for the PS3 though. Gametrailers/Gamepro/Gamespy/I GN/Eurogamer all praised Uncharted for its graphics. Gamespy went as far to question whether or not this is the first title that shows it couldn't be done on the 360.

How many people in the world do you think would honestly agree with your statement that Splinter Cell looks better than Uncharted?

potenquatro4916d ago (Edited 4916d ago )

spinter cel does NOT look better than uncharted imo.but dude. it's a matter of opinion and my opinon on uncharted is that it's a dumbed down shooter with lame mechanics imoho. i've been playing gt5 demo driving that slow susuki capuchino up and down,and its just better road textures if that,over forza.the only game i've owned that has way better grafics than the 360 is fightnight and has no online,forcing a trade-in for the xbox version. everybody knows u log on everyday to hype the ps3,unreasonably at many times. u try to hard to make people belive instead of making devs prove it. how can u say uncharted looks better than anything, with a game like masseffect available? ur obviusly a ps3 only player,wich is good because the ps3 is a great machine.but stop trying to force feed everybody that the ps3 is so much better.and all the other blind fankids for that matter.we already have sony and ms doing that. it's a first party dev.what do u expect them to say about ps3? even if the ps3 shows better grafics(wich it might in the future but i doubt it)and better sales(wich i'm betting on)does not make it a better expirience.when dc died i got a superior looking gamecube,only to trade it for a ps2. some of the people that post in here must work for sony or ms,but i don't think u u? chilax

mikeslemonade4916d ago

Duh anyone who believes 360 ultimately has better graphics is just brainwashed into Microsofts BS.

yanikins1114916d ago

Blademask, he isnt wearing goggles. His just playing on a 12inch b&w tv. Give the man a break.

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crazy250004917d ago

just learn to develop for it and we'll buy quality games

The Killer4917d ago

u got that right!!

to the devs, make quality games and use the advantages that blue ray and cell gave u!!

Harry1904917d ago

We already got articles in the past saying that developers
are struggling with the ps3 because it has an extremely
powerful structure of which they had no prior knowledge of.

wallace10004916d ago

It has the power but right now it is like a ferrari on a narrow winding country road.

pwnmaster30004917d ago (Edited 4917d ago )

i always say this but 360 exclusive all look alike. its going nowhere unlike ps3 where is getting better and better each time devs make more games for it

is pretty obvious pog. imean look at the ps3 multiplatform and exclusive is getting better, but look at 360 no improvement, imean the best looking game on it is gears and uncharted already looks better, same or came close to it and that was its first year game.

iAmPS34917d ago


many devs only use the main CELL CPU without using any SPU at all.

pwnmaster30004917d ago

i agree with you there
dam no bubbles can anyone help

iAmPS34917d ago

I tried to give you one buddy

ravinshield4917d ago

the lady said she thinks....second as she said the 360 is better with polygons and the ps3 aint.and third the ps3 did cost 200 more bucks than the 360 and it came out a year later which ofcourse should have newer technology but ps3 is still gay though.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 44917d ago

I do make good gear don't i!!! ;-D

Pain4916d ago

We Always new this. was a NO brainer.

PS3 = Made to Shoot for the Moon.
Xbox 2 = Shooting for fast money now.

AngryTypingGuy4916d ago

I think the best looking game so far is COD 4, and they look the same for both systems. I don't think any exclusives have beaten it so far.

There's a new GOW 2 video on Xbox Live right now that shows off some features of the new Unreal Engine. It looks pretty sweet. I wouldn't be surprised to see GOW 2 eclipse all. Of course, Resident Evil 5 is looking pretty sweet too.

As of right now, the 360 still has the edge graphics-wise.

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Blademask4917d ago (Edited 4917d ago )

Is this really shocking?

Is there any 360 title that looks and performs like Uncharted? That gets called "The Best Looking Console Game Out." Say what you will about the gameplay all you like. But the topic is better looking games.

360 doesn't have to make pretty games because gamers are buying anything under the sun at the moment. Millions of people bought R6v2.

Sony is going to have to convince people WHY having good graphics is important to have a better gaming experience. Luckily some will come around. I like good games, but I love to be impressed by great visuals as well. This is "NEXT GEN" After all.

WIIIS14917d ago

Lol! 2 games with decent graphics and they're all celebrating.

bigman73874917d ago

The point is actually that there are two games that are absolutely phenomenal looking on PS3, with MANY, MANY other games with decent or above average graphics.

power of Green 4917d ago (Edited 4917d ago )

Same BullShit different day. Theres Still people saying that?, wow!.

If it was ever going to outshine the 360 it would have already done so like the Xbox did with PS2.

As if PS3 is the only console that has a learning curve. When devs say 360 is easy to develope for the more seasoned ones say easy in comparison to PS3 and say the 360 is still hard to develope for. Devs are going back to school to learn multi thread/core development lol 360 isn't anymore mastered than the PS3.

Multi thread/core development is still not the norm(just now being taken serious). Alan Wake and Project Offset are some of a few titles that use much more of the 360's threads then lets say" the devs did for Geometry Wars.

MSFT just hired some Multi threading master/god about six months ago to help devs tapppppp the 360's power lol.

heyheyhey4917d ago (Edited 4917d ago )


it HAS done so

come back when you have something as stunning as Uncharted, or if ANY of your games can have as many individually modelled and scripted characters on screen as Heavenly Sword

hell even Lair, the very game you have sworn to condemn outshines everything on the 360 bar Gears

have any photo-realistic racing games? no? didnt think so

and then Killzone 2, FF13 and Eight Days will come- unlucky son, have fun having your head stuck in the sand


oh great, i could go into the hardware discussion- but its apparent that your already doing the breaststroke at full pace in Denial lake

GTA4 was compressed to fit on that sh!tty DVD, dont even try to argue that it was held back by the PS3

if Rockstar had the full capabilities of the Cell, XDR Ram and most importantly- the 50gb Blu-Ray disc- we could have been seeing a GTA with graphical prowess on par with, say..... Gears

why do i even bother trying to talk to you, your just an average ignorant american- easily brainwashed by corporate bullsh!t


ok sorry, scrap the bit about americans- that was offensive

true, but offensive

power of Green 4917d ago (Edited 4917d ago )

Speaking of Just hiring some Multi threading Guru, its propably why so many 360 games that were suppose to release last year and were delayed untill this year.

Smoking hot games like Alan Wake, Project Offset, Dungeon Hero are some very advanced games. Even GTA4 is being held back by PS3's hardware when you look at the creators of GTA's APB.

Race Driver Grid is doing so much more than GT5 and still looks better during gameplay I could only imagine how PS3 is holding Grid back.

pwnmaster30004917d ago (Edited 4917d ago )

ok pog, rock* had a problem with both system thats why it got delayed, and MGS4, Heavy Rain, GT5, The Getaway 3 , LittleBigPlanet is doing not only showing good graphic but something new. and please grid is nothing compare to gt5 the demo. why do xbots keep thinking its the real game its the demo is just a taste of wat the real gt5 is, and why you xbots always depending on multi, grid is multi what cant compare exclusive racing games with another

@ heyheyhey
a bro im a average American citizen so am i ignorant

@ heyheyhey
i accept your apology, its not really by the race or were you live is the way your parents raced you and the influences around you, and yeah its sometimes true, but to only to some americans

heyheyhey4917d ago

i understand that lol

its got nothing to do with you being born American

its just the way society has formed there, and the political state its in

i love America and their people(most), but you see their typical ignorance every day

i could explain, but 1) this is a gamer site, not world issues site and 2) the things i could say could be very offensive, and i dont want to do that

anyway- i think we can all agree that POG is a pretty ignorant guy (unless hes kidding around)

TurdStationPee4917d ago

morons. just as PS3 supposedly has these amazing games which are supposed to take advantage of all this "power", as POG pointed-out, 360 has those too. Just look at what Alan Wake, etc., is doing. it requires ALL cores and threads. most games don't even use more than one and look how good they look on 360. you want to talk about potential power, talk about 360, n00bs.

Blackcanary4916d ago (Edited 4916d ago )

You give me jokes the 360 is slowly very slowly already at its peak when it comes to graphics i really want to see what GOW2. Looks like and to people who say the PS3 is gonna die well that will never happens when sony gets royalites for every 360 game that comes out on Blu Ray when the X360 Blu Ray drive comes out. Again yes i will say Uncharted that game was made using a 3rd of the PS3 power and if u don't belive me watch this vid

that another guy posted in his comment. So the ps3 will just keep getting better with its 10 Year Life spam and 360 with its 5 year o wait ant they already getting ready to bring out a new Console or was that just rumours sorry about spelling mistakes.

ScottEFresh4916d ago

"It would have already done so" god damn man how many times can you eat your words? You must be busting at the seems with shIit by now.

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