Sony admits buying handheld consoles from an illegal source

Sony admits senior staff bought PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld consoles from an illegal source but only for investigatory purposes.
It is the latest revelation in its legal tussle with Hong Kong import/export firm Lik-Sang.

Lik-Sang ceased trading on Monday following legal action from Sony.

Announcing its closure, it named Sony executives it said had used its service to get the PSPs before they went on official release in Europe.

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The BS Police4467d ago (Edited 4467d ago )

Any Sony fanboys gonna defend Sony this time?

It is still Illegal, Sony Broke the law!

Dlacy13g4467d ago

Sony is not a legal law enforcement entity...therefore they are not protected by law in doing illegal activities even if they claim it was to investigate a possible crime. Sony, this is why we have these things called Police forces....they investigate not you. I would love to see the legal system go after those execs and make them taste their own medicine for once.

VirtualGamer4467d ago

Please inform me of what law they broke?

Reaper4467d ago

I was thinking the exact same thing.

Sphinx4467d ago

...because if they get away with that I'll get away with buying marijuanna from an illegal source... I was just investigating the stuff! :)

Shadow Flare4467d ago

why would sony senior staff members need to buy a psp in the first place? Surely senoir staff would be given one. Let alone buy an imported one. If sony senior staff members bought illegally imported psp's for investigatory purposes, then im sure it was for investigatory purposes, probably the same purposes that brought Lik-Sang down

Get real, i think senior staff members earn enough to buy a legal psp, and whats more, with their position they probably would have been given psp's

Islandkiwi4467d ago

Look at it this way...why would high end executives bother to purchase psp's for investigatory purposes at all? Sony has a legal department(obviously), but instead several high end exuecutives decided to use their real names and give their personal information?

Puh-lease, they were using the service for personal use.

Shadow Flare4467d ago

well gee yogi, maybe they were senior members of staff in the legal department. And maybe they swiped some picanic baskets from Park Ranger Lik-Sang too. Read the article again

It says they were for investigatory purposes, how does that imply they bought them for personal use? And why not use their own names? They werent doing anything wrong against sony, in fact they were helping sony

Lik-sang were doing something illegal
Sony knew it
Sony investigated it
Lik-sang got busted
Lik-sang looks for scapegoat

The BS Police4467d ago (Edited 4467d ago )

Sony cannot to investagating on there own, otherwise it shouldn't hold in court.

Police are really the only ones who can invesigate.

kikilala4466d ago

it wont hold in court eh?? dont get me wrong dude.. but isnt immersion investigate their patent infringement by themself and then continue the battle to the courthouse... i dont see that immersion calling the cops to check on the patent infringement issue... so i guess self investigate is acceptable... not to be bias or something.. but MS, Nintendo and other company would do the same thing to protect their asset.. whether it is intelectual or physical asset...

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