IGN: Mark Cerny Interview Part 1 - The Hardware

IGN writes: "In the first part of three part interview, IGN speaks to Mark Cerny, lead architect of Sony's new console. Today we talk about the hardware."

mewhy323609d ago

Cerny is a genius. Sony sure knew what it was doing when they hired him to design the most powerful console ever!!!

black0o3609d ago

No they didn't hire him .. he ofered himself

Undeadwolfy3609d ago

Yep... he just offered himself and offered his expertise free of charge. It's not like he has to make a living or anything. ¬¬

black0o3609d ago

he's the one seek them out not the other way around

Gazondaily3609d ago

Glad he assumed the reins. This guy is a genius. He is PRECISELY what Sony needed. A really likeable and down to earth guy too.

GameSpawn3609d ago

Cerny is officially a consultant. He is not officially on Sony's payroll as a Sony employee. He has mentioned this in many of his interviews and presentations. He likens the position to that of a director on a film. He has creative control over the direction and vision of the project at hand, but he does not have to report to supervisors or investors on a regular basis. He doesn't have to directly answer to anyone because as a consultant the responsibilities of the day to day activities do not lie with him. He prefers this as it lets him concentrate on the direction of the project with a minimal amount of distractions and also none of the other stresses.

AngryTypingGuy3609d ago

The man knows his stuff, and I think he has done everything right with the PS4. His face and mannerisms remind me a lot of Dana Carvey.

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HammadTheBeast3609d ago ShowReplies(3)
ajax173609d ago

The most powerful console so far...

DJ3609d ago

Cerny reminds me of Steve Jobs in that he had the guts to do something radical, which was design PS4 from the perspective of a game developer, not systems engineer.

Persistantthug3609d ago

Regarding the Cloud:
"Well, to the extent that it's possible to do computing in the cloud, Playstation 4 can do computing in the cloud. We do some things....Today matchmaking is done in the cloud and it works very well.
If we think about things that don't work well...Trying to boost the quality of the graphics, that won't work well in the cloud"

--Mark Cerny
That part was the most profound to me.

showtimefolks3609d ago

cerny has been with sony in a non employee way for a long long time, i am glad he went to sony to see if he could be the lead guy for ps4 and i am very glad sony allowed him

i think he can sense what developers want more because he himself is a developer and because he makes/consult on games than he knows what gamers want too

PS4 has all the positive media attention behind it since February, can't wait to get mine

one thing that is ruined is this pre order craziness, i like it because i don't have to stand in a long. But in a way it was fun standing in a line with fellow gamers and than some were told we are sold out and some were mugged in the parking lot lol

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pop_tarts3609d ago

don't worry mark if this was gaf your comment would be welcomed with open arms

Cryptcuzz3609d ago

Maybe it would have been better if you said "GAMING GOD"

A lot of people take things very literally nowadays ;)

Conzul3609d ago

He used a lowercase "g" in god. In Christian literature, any god without the uppercase "G" is a false god.

It's official ppl Cerny is the False god of Gaming.

Gekko363608d ago

@Conzul Now now, keep any references to the magic baby, his dad and the ghost from scooby doo out of public forums.

They are neither welcome or tolerated.

As to Mr Cerny, a Zeitgeist he maybe in his field and I agree that his approach to the design and architecture has been a radical departure to previous iterations of the playstation, however the only issue i have is saying only the ps4 has been designed with gamers at the forefront.

I'd argue that all consoles are designed with gamers at the forefront as it's primary consumer base. That said both Sony and Microsoft have embraced additional features.

Whether it is TV, social media, netflix, music, movies or internet gaming they all diverge from a pure gaming machine.

Both the next gen consoles are focusing in the right way, harnessing new and innovative ways of focusing the user while at the same time giving them choice.

On a final note it was interesting to hear Cerny refer to Computations in the cloud in the same sentence as match making. I'm not sure if it was intentional or deliberately ambiguous. Makes you wonder doesn't it?

Conzul3608d ago

And yet, your post was somehow more distasteful. At least I was marginally humorous. X(

MEsoJD3609d ago

why did you receive so many disagrees?

NumOnePS3FanBoy3608d ago

because sensitive religious turds

mark134uk3608d ago

not sure lol some users of this site can be a bit weird sometimes

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Foxhound9223609d ago

This guy seems like he's on the ball, very impressed with what he has accomplished so far. Off topic, does anyone else get reminded of Jim Carrey with this guy? Every time I look at Mark I get a rush of Carrey haha Maybe it's just me

Phene3609d ago

I just like that there's a face behind the PS4, someone who can come out and explain all the technical nuances of its creation and development. As a consumer it makes me feel like real effort was put behind my hard earned purchase. Something I always admired about companies like Apple, they aren't evolutionary, but they are extraordinarily revolutionary. I love to see passion behind these things. And I'm not knocking Xbox, because its obviously a comparable machine to a certain extent but all I remember about it was that brash comment Don Mattrick made about online connectivity and "you should go buy a 360." I would hate to hear that as a consumer for their product(s).

bigfish3609d ago

"extroadinarily revolutionary" i like it,,i'm going to use that line myself in the future when talking to someone, thanks.

Phene3609d ago

lol go for it, I liked that as I was writing it