Darksiders: Wrath of War preview, trailer and screens from IGN

Imagine if you will that you aren't playing a game to save the world, nor are you trying to wreck it. Imagine that you are one of the mythical Horsemen of the Apocalypse, causing sheer and utter devastation along with global unrest. Your lone appearance creates the end of days, and your actions influence the lives of billions of people. However, you quickly discover that you're being manipulated, and set off on a quest to redeem yourself and those of your fellow riders. Welcome to the setting of Darksiders, a brand new upcoming title from Vigil Games and THQ. At their recent Pre-E3 Gamer's Day, IGN managed to take a quick peek at the title with an unlikely anti-hero, with a demo that started with the above biblical quote from the book of Revelations.

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Harry1903945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

this game for some time now,
it looks really good.
hope this does not flop.

don't know why it makes me think of Prototype.


I have High Hopes for this one ! And even though I am dissappointed that I have to wait to 09 to play this one, it makes me even more certain that this could be a great game. The games with long development cycles tend to be among the best. Not to mention they have been showing pretty decent gameplay footage since 07.

Got my fingers crossed ! They're are virtually no other Hack and Slashers out or coming out right now that are an 8 and up. Viking and Conan let me down.