GameTap: Insecticide Review

Insecticide is one of those games where great potential is overridden by a split personality. There are two distinctly different games that play out over the course of this modest campaign--a decent little adventure straight out of LucasArts' old-school playbook and an action platformer that feels like it's assembled from the cadavers of various mediocre forebears of the genre. At no time do these two games come together into something cohesive. It's as if someone sat down two disparately talented teams, handed them each a basic premise for a game with no particular gameplay style in mind, had them each race to produce a finished game, and then ended up using random levels from both submissions for the final product. It's a real shame, since the storytelling and presentation actually aren't half bad. But after an hour or two of playing Insecticide, all the decent storytelling in the world won't hold your attention.

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