‘Deus Ex: The Fall’ Is A Great Game On The Wrong Platform | Uproxx

Uproxx: ''One of the problems console developers have had with the boom in tablet gaming is that they all look at tablets, with the wealth of possibilities a touchscreen offers for innovative control schemes, and decide “We should try and make this a controller!” It never works. And Deus Ex: The Fall is a superb example of that, alas.''

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yog-sothot3059d ago

This would actually make me consider buying a Vita...

MilkMan3059d ago

Tell me about it. Call me when its back on the consoles. To date, the HIGHEST selling and most profitable game (series) has been Angry Birds since the inception of Apple Store....what the hell are these devs thinking?!

GABRIEL10303059d ago

C'mon we need a Vita version, pls.

DJ3059d ago

Tablet/Mobile Gaming feels like a huge distraction for serious developers. This should have been a PC/Xbox/PS3 title. Even a Vita/3DS version would have sufficed.