Pocket Gamer: Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword Review

In the eternal battle between ninjas and pirates, stealthy assassinations and quiet kills have always given ninja an edge against their debaucherous, scurvy-ridden opposition. Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword throws that advantage out the window, shattering the silent slinking of the assassin with percussive taps and slashes of the touchscreen. No stealth, then; just kills in this straightforward slide 'n' slash action game that possesses as many drawbacks as fresh ideas.

Playing as renowned ninja of the Dragon clan Ryu Hayabusa, the game sets you on a quest to protect the titular weapon from the ill-intended Spider clan and its army of demonic fiends. Preventing the Spider clan from enshrouding Japan in total darkness requires tracking down eight dragonstones that fuel the dragon sword with magical power. Only by imbuing Ryu's inherited blade with the essence of the stones can he wield enough strength to send the Spider clan and its fiends into oblivion.

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PS360WII3852d ago

decent score but he has a hard time jumping and blocking? Only one thing happens when you slide the stylus up and that's a jump. He has to flip the DS horizontal to hit a button to block better? I just don't see that one at all. When you hold the DS sideways what is your thumb right next too? That's right it's next to the shoulder button which makes you block.