Console Monster: The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return Review

If Ghost Squad poisoned your soul shooting needs, then 'The House of the Dead 2&3 Return' should be the perfect antidote. 'They're fierce, they're dead and they are coming for you!' Well that is what it says on the back of the box anyway and this has translated very well on the Nintendo Wii.

Even if you don't have the Wii Zapper plastic moulding for your Wii Remote, you will still be enjoying the point and shoot antics within this classic coupling of SEGA titles. My last experience of these two games is when they appeared on the original Xbox. Luckily back then I was blessed with a couple of light guns, which accelerated the pleasure factor of the collection. Even better, the Nintendo Wii has this functionality right from the off thanks to the wizardry of the Wii Remote. On the Xbox version you had to complete the third iteration before having access to the second, however right from the off, you can satisfy your blood lust, or well really zombie lust (yuk) without delay.

It really is as simple as pointing and pressing shoot. A cursor appears on screen helping you aim and away you go with minimal fuss although this can be switched off for the purists. Just like other games of its class, reloading is achieved by aiming the Wii Remote off screen. All good here then, although skipping cut scenes is accomplished by pressing button '1'. This is not so ideal and I would have preferred it to be '+', but never mind only a small blemish.

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