Console Monster: Guilty Gear Core Accent XX Core Review

Guilty Gear Core Accent XX Core is the first next-generation title of the Guilty Gear series. Previous Guilty Gear titles have been popular because of the original characters, detailed anime-style graphics and unique gameplay. Will the first next-generation Guilty Gear game be a success? Read on to find out.

Guilty Gear Core Accent XX Core doesn't contain a story mode/campaign, surprisingly, which doesn't give the game the longevity it needs. The modes within the game are: Arcade Mode, M.O.M (Medal of Millionaire Mode), Vs 2P, Vs CPU and Training. The only mode different to other games in the genre is M.O.M which is similar to survival mode in Dead or Alive 4 (XBOX 360). When players successfully attack an opponent, they drop a medal/s which can be collected and added to your point's total. In true fairness, this was my favourite game mode but it's still rather disappointing.

The gameplay is very similar to past Guilty Gear Core titles but with the odd change to improve the gameplay so fans of the previous titles will feel right at home. I find the gameplay too slow compared to similar games of this genre but it is quite fun nevertheless. The only unlockables within Guilty Gear Core are upgrades to characters. I find this disappointing considering there are twenty-three (23) characters within the game, so it would have made sense to have a few of them available to unlock.

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