Cartoon Network Universe: Fusion Fall Preview at

Sixty years in the future, the Cartoon Network World is a place of wonder where kids get to have their say. Dexter has grown up into a proto-teenager; the Power Puff Girls are now, well, older Power Puff Girls; Ben still exists in ten forms but he's older and wiser. And all of them live together in harmony without adult supervision.

Then the mighty Planet Fusion, eater of worlds (no, this is not some weird Cthulhu nightmare - go read some other preview for that), decides its hunger can only be sated by gobbling up the Cartoon Network World. It sends Terrafusors in advance to begin the process of breaking down the planet in preparation for dinner. Only through daring, cunning, and the use of the mighty bubble blaster will the kids and members of the Cartoon Network World be able to cleanse the planet of the green goo and keep the Planet Fusion at bay.

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