Mark Cerny: "they know how to design PS4 so it won't overheat"

GR-UK writes: Gamereactor Spain caught up with Mark Cerny shortly after he delivered his Road to PS4 presentation at this year's Gamelab in Barcelona.

As part of a longer GRTV interview, we asked Cerny how the PlayStation 4 would cope with the intense summer heat that Spain's currently sweltering under.

"I think it will be fine," he replied. "They know how to design the console so it doesn't overheat. If you notice that PlayStation 4 is smaller, it's because power consumption is less; simple as that."

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first1NFANTRY3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

amazing team over at Sony. You can tell they really know how to design hardware with their history of expertise.

the fact ps4 doesn't even have a power brick while being so small is ingenious.

Animal Mutha 763616d ago

Yeah apart from the localization reason that MS tout for the xbox I don't know why they cant get all the transformer into the box ala PS3. The xbox brick even on the newer slims is still far too big.

RavageX3616d ago

I assume it adds to heating and they'd rather keep it outside of the system than in.

That's just a guess though.

IcicleTrepan3616d ago

It is a more modular design as well. Power supplies do tend to fail, especially if not protected behind a surge suppressor. If your Xbox power supply fails, you can get a new one without sending your whole machine in. Also there are third parties selling power supplies for Xbox so you can always replace it if it fails and are waiting for a replacement. Playstation design, while more elegant, offers the downside that if the power supply fails, you have to send the entire unit for repair.

dennett3163616d ago

There's no room in their case thanks to the ENORMOUS fan they've put directly above the CPU/GPU. They also keep the PSU outside to reduce heat...basically, they're taking no chances on another RROD situation. Also, they're just not quite as elegant when it comes to design as Sony or even Nintendo.

darthv723616d ago

power supply, internal or external doesn't matter to me. Im just glad we have moved past the days of the wall wort style (think nes, snes, genesis...2600) those big blocks that you cant fit on a power strip because it blocks another outlet on one side or the other.

As to the failure of a power supply, yeah it sucks when that happens. The PS went out on my PS1 and it was easy to get inside and replace but of course if i open the system i void the warranty (at least back then).

The argument of internal vs external is just as petty as replaceable batteries vs rechargeable ones. Its moot because if the batteries go dead in either case you still need to plug in or replace and that takes what...10 seconds at most?

Not to mention that in either case, if your controller loses connection the game pauses instantly (at least on the 360 it does).

fr0sty3616d ago

icicle, power supplies do fail, however in many cases the failure doesn't just stop there. I've seen PSUs take entire systems with them when they died.

Also, PS3's PSU is about the easiest part to self-replace other than the HDD, though I do agree that just being able to buy a new one is more convenient than having to repair your system.

Utalkin2me3616d ago


The 360 had/has power supply on outside, how did that work for them?


Power supplies do not tend to fail. I have had 2 power supplies to go bad in 2 decades, one was a original xbox and the other was in my PC.

MWong3616d ago

I was hoping XBone didn't come out with another power brick, oh well. At least my PS4 will be small and sleek looking. I gotta buy a side stand too.

ShinMaster3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

There's a reason why Microsoft is primarily a software company, not a hardware one.
It's not their strength.

GrandTheftZamboni3615d ago


Sure, make the design so modular so all components CPU, GPU, memory are outside and easy to replace when one fails.

BTW, if the power brick fails, the main box won't be usable until MS ships a new one.

SkyGamer3615d ago

Laptop specs people. Mobile components. Of course it uses less wattage than desktop counterparts.

rainslacker3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

In my time, I've repaired over 300 PlayStation systems, along with various other systems with internal power supplies, when I did that stuff for a side job, and never once has a repair been for a power supply. Anything power related was always a fuse on the motherboard due to internal design of other parts drawing too much current. A fuse is exponentially more difficult to replace than a power supply.

Yes they can go bad, but it's exceedingly rare. More often than not, if they are damaged it's by surges, and in that case it wouldn't matter if it were internal or external as the damage would be done on the internal motherboard components at the same time. External power supplies aren't some magical surge protection device.

Otherwise, I find the power brick argument silly. Consoles cords typically sit behind a Tv, and they are rarely just laying out on the floor like many people claim to be some sort of eyesore. Hardly something worth basing a purchasing decision on. At most it's interesting to see how well a system is designed.

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Persistantthug3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

I still have my 80GB if I bought a PS4, I'd be very confident with it.

RedDeadLB3616d ago

Hmm, I had two 60GB PS3s. Both got the YLOD. I plan on getting the PS4, but I will be sorely disappointed if anything similar happens out of warranty.

Utalkin2me3616d ago

Still on my original phat 40 gig PS3. I did upgrade the HDD though.

starchild3616d ago

My 80gb PS3 shows graphical artifacts in most games. The GPU is bad. This happened only after about 2 years of owning it.

My PS3 and Xbox 360 both had hardware failures, while my PC has never had a hardware problem at all and I use it the most.

This makes me a little reluctant to get a console at launch. But I'll probably cave and get a PS4 anyway.

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lento3615d ago

Launch 60 with a upgraded 500 gig hard drive still working like a charm.

LonDonE3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

Exactly i have a launch fatty PS3 which i gave away to my little brother and it still works flawlessly, and so does my 80gb fatty and slim 160 gb, PS3 is a great console and is infinitely more reliable then a xbox 360, hell i had 7 xbox 360's due to red ring of death, i had all the models too, it didn't make a difference, a bad and flawed design is always a bad and flawed design, it shocked me how bad Microsoft treated their consumers, after owning the arcade model,the premium, the elite, the slim, and in some cases multiples on said version, still all failed on me, and its not because i didn't take care of them, i am a core gamer and so game for long periods at a time, and the simple truth is the console was designed like shit!!! i take better care of my gaming stuff then, my own 2 kids, LOL

And what made me more angry was that most companies after you send them a faulty piece of hardware send you a replacement which has said flaw rectified, Microsoft did not do this, instead they were giving refurbished still flawed faulty consoles back to its customers, this is why i will not be buying a xbox 1 NEVER!! in my opinion, the red ring of death factor, and the forced atrocious policies, which they didn't change due to gamers outcry, they only reversed them when they saw pre order sales were terrible compared to PS4, and the mandatory spy camera, these are why i would never buy a xbox1!

I did love my 360, but it was so flawed, and ms did nothing to rectify the problem,until years later with the slim, which also had problems like the red dot of death, and with that they can get screwed!!! my Sony and nintendo consoles have never failed on me!
I still own all my Sony and nintendo consoles from the past, for each gone generation, and all work flawlessly, just like my Sinclair spectrum, and my Sega consoles, even the o.g xbox of mine is working as is my o.g soft modded crystal xbox, but the 360 is another story all together!!

I am not worried at all for the reliability of the PS4, i know Sony build great products, i always buy Sony, my Sony bravia hdtv, my Sony Ericsson phone, my Sony xperia smart phone,my Sony surround sound hifi stack system,my Sony lap top, EVERYTHING, and all are great pieces of tech,i got the Sony bug from my parents, who also always bought Sony tech!! they are a great tech company, PERIOD!!!

Its xbox1 customers who should be cautious of buying the xbox1 at launch my advice would be to everybody pay that bit extra and get the extended warranty, its well worth it!

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showtimefolks3615d ago

i love the design of ps4 also xbox one is very nice design

what i really like about ps4's design is, its small and has bunch of fans so no over heating hopefully

mark cerny better start working on ps5 lol

Auron3615d ago

power brick helps keep extra heat out.

Gameratheart3615d ago

Yes, they know how to design systems... The ps1 failed constantly(flip it upside down to play it), the ps2 failed constantly (disc read errors caused by poorly designed lasers), Sony lost a class action lawsuit over the ps2... But yeah! Sony are the greatest designers! Even the ps3, ylod, wasn't perfect. I have the ps4 pre saved and paid in full, I just hope it doesn't fail on me.... Like ps1-2-3 did. This is Sony's last chance with me.... Yes the 360 was a POS, but it never cost me a dime when it failed.... So don't crown Sony yet.... Nintendo has the lowest failure rate, you can look it up yourself, if you don't think so.

AceBlazer133615d ago

lol you have really bad luck with ur consoles

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timl2413615d ago

"I think it will be fine." - Do I even need to say anything. He thinks it will be fine? Damn, if Phil Spencer and Bullmer ever said those words it would be the end of the world.

"They know how to design the console so it doesn't overheat." - Okay...Doesn't mean they are going to make it withstand 100 degree heat plus the heat that comes from the PS4.

If this was an Xbox One article people would be shitting down the throats of whoever said this and you all know its true.

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Reborn3616d ago

"I'm ready, Cerny. I'm on my knees, ready to feel your warm glory all over my face." I expect that line to catch many off guard.

On-Topic: Sounds good, Mark. I can't wait to get mine.

SilentNegotiator3616d ago

I don't think too many people read past the first sentence before hitting "agree"

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Cryptcuzz3616d ago

You made me almost spit my coffee out while reading your comment!

Mark Cerny is a genius that deserves all the success he has had in his life. I could not see anyone more fitting to being the system architect of the PS4 and I am so thrilled that he is.

iceman063615d ago

Be glad that it was just COFFEE!!! LOL

Cryptcuzz3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )


You weren't so lucky as to spit coffee but something else? LOL

greedybear883616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

The PS4 is an absolute beast. Can't wait to get one!

Tatsuya 3616d ago

That's what I like to hear! It's the little things like this that makes SONY a winner!

Gunsmoke3616d ago

Sony is far from a winner. They have lost billions over the years and could only post a profit after they sold real estate.

dcj05243616d ago

Sony as a whole is fine. Its the electronics division that isnt doing so hot. Mainly because of samsung.

kewlkat0073615d ago

Looking at Sony that past 10 years, t hey have been far from doing fine...

kenshiro1003615d ago

Go preach doom and gloom elsewhere. This has NOTHING to do with their financial state. If Sony was in such bad shape, there would be no PS4.

Nice try troll.

Gameratheart3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

Wow, tell it like it is, and some fanboys can't handle it. Sony is not doing fine "as a whole".... They need to make some serious money, and quick, before they are anywhere near fine.... I hope they do turn it around, my ps4 is counting on it...

And shadowgeist.... So by your guestimation, sega was doing great
When they released
The dreamcast, right?..... Right???? Because the dreamcast would never have come out if sega were hurting, right??? Yeah, ok.... Sure.

Look, Sony is ailing, it's a fact. This happens to the best of em. Hopefully they can turn it around, quickly. I would hate to see my ps4 stop being manufactured, losing a historical company, like Sony, would be terrible. I hope they turn things around, and looking at the way they're handling the ps4, it's a good sign. I'm excited for it, that's why I paid for one.....

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kenshiro1003615d ago

Gameratheart: What does Sega have to do with anything I just mentioned? I never implied that everything at Sony was rosy and peachy. I said that their situation isn't as dire as some of you trolls make it out to be.