IGN Saints Row 2 Co-op Hands-on

The original saints row had single player and multiplayer, but was missing co-op. This time around, co-op will be featured and IGN got to to try it out. Overall, they had mainly positive things to say regarding the game...To see what they have to say, click the link.

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Numark3874d ago

this game is not as bad as everyone jokes about

consolewar3874d ago

they're going to need it. Maybe mom's will get this game by mistake instead of GTA, you can always hope.

The Closing3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

This is truly the poor mans GTA. I'd expect to find this at some sort of flee market next to an insane clown pose t-shirt, but not siting on some store shelf right next to GTA with the same price tag. This game has that Walmart dollar bin style written all over it. Straight hood rat sh*t.