How Xbox One's DVR will revolutionise user-generated content

Turn 10 explains the appeal of instant video capture and sharing

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Whitey2k2550d ago

The appeal thats similar to UStream

xhi42550d ago

It's by an xbox site so they're not going to mention that it's on PS4 too or more 'revolutionary' with a dedicated share button on the DS4


Why would they? Would you advertise for your competitor? I sure as hell hope not cause you wouldn't last to long. This article has nothing to do with ps4 so why are you here talking about it?

turnerdc2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

It was on OnLive before either of them...and OnLive also had a dedicated share button. I don't think I've ever heard Sony mention them.


GameCents2550d ago

Revolutionary because it has a button. Wow.

hazelamy2550d ago

Gamecents, how about because it has a separate chip dedicated to recording and streaming the video in the PS4?

is part of the reported three gigs reserved by the os on x1 for the dvr functions?
or does the x1 also have a dedicated processor for the task?

NewMonday2550d ago

on the PS4 it is always recording the last 15 minutes, "WTF!" and "awesome" moments can not be predicted, so Sony has the better feature here, not even close.

2550d ago
True_Samurai2550d ago

Though developers can turn the share button off on the ps4 for the campaign now what? I don't remember MS saying that for the x1

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Sounds interesting. I haven't paid much attention to this feature with everything else that's going on with the X1. Looking forward to playing around with the DVR. It's nice to see a positive X1 article now let's hope the comment section stays the same...

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Deividas2550d ago

Neat stuff. It wouldn't really do any good for me because im not into all that stuff, but nice to see some new stuff and some cool features for the future xbox one owners.

Agent_hitman2550d ago

lol the Xbone console itself is a DVR lolol

Elzer2550d ago

Ustream doesn't compare close to Twitch. Look it up.
So far PS4 has only confirmed that you'll be able to share only the last 15mins of your gameplay. So if you wanted to share gameplay from 16min ago theoretically you won't be able to.
As for Xbox one, you'll have access to share much more gameplay with its DVR.

hazelamy2550d ago

have ms stated how long their cache will be for recorded gameplay?
15 minutes?
30 minutes?
an hour?

you can't really say the x1 will have longer when ms have done their usual stellar job of informing the audience of the real facts. o_O

and that 15 minutes figure is the how much the ps4 will always be recording, you'll likely be able to manually make longer recordings.

ms have shown the video editing software though.
looks decent for something on a console.
sony haven't announced what kind of video editing software they'll have on PS4 yet, but they had a basic video editing program on PS3 so i assume they'll have something with similar features at least for PS4.

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