Forza Motorsport 8 is vastly different and an amazing experience

Creative Director at Turn 10 Chris Esaki recently guested on the December edition of the Forza Monthly show and revealed some tantalising tidbits on the next game in the Motorsport series.

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IRetrouk1196d ago

Sounds good, looking forward to this one, sounds like they are really concentrating on the sim aspect and how the car behaves, the xbox series x version should look amazing.

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KickSpinFilter1196d ago

I’d really love to see a sim mode and arcade/sim mode sorta in the likes of how driveclub was. Never really cared for Forza or GT series all that much. And FH was always far to Arcady for me. But for Forza to have both modes that be pretty dope.

Obscure_Observer1196d ago

Back to SIM roots! Can´t imagine how stunning Forza 8 will look on the SX! O.o

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CaptainCook1196d ago

I'm glad they had over 3 years to improve it. Can't wait!!

timotim1196d ago

Right! We all remember what happened to FM5 and it launching with Xbox One...they only had 2 years to do a proper next gen game and it suffered because of it. It was the lightest (content wise) in the series history and things weren't fully flesh out. Cant wait to see what they have in store for the new game.

ReadyPlayer221196d ago

More studios means even more time for every studio to further craft and enhance their games. Seen with 343i and Halo and now we're seeing it with Forza. Can't wait to play it

Imalwaysright1196d ago

Chris Esaki is the "father" of the modern cover system. Didn't know that he was working at Turn 10.

Bnet3431196d ago

what game did he get credit for on that?

Imalwaysright1196d ago

He was Killswitch's lead designer and was hired by Epic with the sole purpose of working on Gears cover system. He also worked on the original Mass Effect.

Bnet3431195d ago

@Imalwaysright Good info brother. I actually played Killswitch and ofc Gears so I was already wondering if he really was behind Killswitch. Good info. Thanks.

timotim1196d ago

They hired quite a few people from well known studios that weren't working on car games previously. This new Motorsport seems like a departure from what we've had in the past.

crazyCoconuts1196d ago

I know I'm in the minority, but from here on out if it's a racer and it's not VR, I'm not buying it.

JG101196d ago

Gives me motion sickness like crazy, unless that improves its a solid pass on VR for me. It is fun for a few for sure.

Gazondaily1196d ago

I kind of agree with your sentiment. VR and racing should be a mandatory thing. It bugs me that Forza Horizon doesnt have it. I may not use it that much because I do get motion sickness a lot but still, the two compliment each other so well.

crazyCoconuts1196d ago

And combining it with a racing wheel is incredible IMO

ChiefofLoliPolice1195d ago

Agreed. GT Sport and Assetto Corsa in VR is crazy.

Dario_DC1196d ago

I'm the same even on GT I only play the VR mode

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