Missed out on pre-ordering the PS4? No problem

For those that don’t know, the PS4 is pre-ordering like hotcakes. It seems everywhere you go, companies are complete sold out of their pre-order numbers, so it is looking more and more impossible for you to get one if you have not pre-ordered already. Though, that isn’t really at all a bad thing. Why? Because basically every day we learn something new about what the PS3 still has in store for us.

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CalvinKlein2022d ago

castlevania LoS 2 is also gonna come out


pshhh, you kidding? this is N4G. guys like us are the reason there are no preorders for the average joes.

Campy da Camper2020d ago

Haha so true. I would be happy to sell them my extra one for $1500.00 though.

Tiqila2021d ago

buy an xbox one... not!

DeadlyFire2021d ago

I made that mistake last time. Won't happen twice.

Soldierone2021d ago

Amazon ran out just as I was going to switch from BF4 to Killzone, so now I'm stuck with Battlefield.... lol

madara0sama2021d ago

Bestbuy still not sold out online but I wouldn't trust it. Sony's online store still has it too. Glad I got my PS4 bundle on Amazon before it sold out. Gonna be a crazy year for PS4. Hopefully it's like PS2 all over again.

DeadlyFire2021d ago

Like PS2 yes, but this time with all the power, resources, and indie developers on its side.

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