Microsoft pitching Xbox One to small companies as justifiable business expense

"Xbox One has been pitched to small businesses as a useful tool in their day-to-day operations thanks to on-board apps like Skype and SkyDrive. Microsoft’s Marques Lyons has penned a blog to convince company owners that the $499 console is “justifiable” as a “business expense.”

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ALLWRONG2559d ago

Setting up conference calling in business is expensive. Believe it or not console with Skype would be a cheaper option. Of course you would need to keep employes from sneaking in games.

Ashlen2559d ago

Or you could just use a PC that you already own.

ALLWRONG2559d ago

New companies don't.

You know "NEW" like people just starting and trying to save?

Nitrowolf22559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )


Yes, because putting $400 down just for chatting is so effective compared to buying a computer about the same price that can do more for their company.

If you are gonna use the "trying to save" excuse, at least try harder.

"Believe it or not console with Skype would be a cheaper option."

Just do tell me how much "cheaper" that would be?

ALLWRONG2559d ago

Setting up a user station from scratch can cost $800 to $2500 per station (I do this for a living). Xbox One can offer the same thing for $599 per station and cuts installation time.

It's called "arithmetic" and it doesn't lie.

Muffins12232559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

Well what if those pc's they want are more expensive? And it would be used more than just for skype

Godmars2902559d ago

"Yes, because putting $400 down just for chatting is so effective compared to buying a computer about the same price that can do more for their company."

Or a laptop.

MysticStrummer2559d ago

@ALLWRONG - Yes math doesn't lie, which is why it's miles more cost effective to have a computer that can do multiple things for your budding business.

thechosenone2559d ago

or an iPad or just about any other tablet on the market today.

HammadTheBeast2559d ago


If you don't tell me you're trolling I'm going to cry.

dedicatedtogamers2559d ago

This initiative is so sad. Microsoft is pitching the XBox One to businesses for conference calls? But I thought the console was all about gaming?

Where there's smoke, there's fire. If Microsoft is trying to get small businesses to buy into the Xbox One "ecosystem", then...yeah, I shouldn't have to explain what this means for the overall focus of the Xbox brand.

SilentNegotiator2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

Any self-respecting company big enough to need skype will GET a computer. Lots of computers that do more than conference call.

Besides, who are they writing off the expense to if it's a brand new company?

This is easily your saddest attempt ever. And that says a lot.

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SniperControl2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

Which business in there right mind would spend £425 on a X1 for conferencing calls?

Whatever size your business is, chances are that you have a PC or laptop, you can buy a decent web cam for £30 hook it up and use skype that way.

Chances are big companys already have existing conferencing equipment setup that is far superior to anything a console can offer.


So are you saying a new startup is going to spend there startup cash on an X1, instead of a £300 business laptop?

You must be having a laugh right???

T22559d ago

Yes its obviously a joke ... Even a coffee shop needs a pc let alone a company big enough to need video chat conference calls

GutZ312559d ago

Don't forget, you still need to pay for Xbox live gold to use skype.

Jeebus2559d ago


Those fuckers.

ALLWRONG2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

SniperControl you ever been to a hospital or Gov building like CDC? Ever set up and entire floor of an office building? Go to any public building and have a look around.

Those aren't $300 laptops.


SniperControl2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )


Actually yes, i'am a Network Engineer for a large automobile company based in the UK.

Learn to read dude, i never said large companys use £300 laptops, i said Start Ups.

Do you honestly think a hospital or government building is going to use X1's for there conference calls?!?

Get real..........

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Nitrowolf22559d ago

wouldn't it be more cost effective if they just used Skype via PC? Don't tell me that's more expensive compared to a $400 device that they'll have to buy multiple times than a PC that they most likely will own

SpideySpeakz2559d ago

Just buy a PC that can do 10x more than what a Xbone can do for your business. Ranging from $150 - $400. No need for a $499 Xbone just for Skype. lol. xFanboys are hilarious.

tiffac0082559d ago

There is no logic in buying a console when you can buy a PC that can do more task that is necessary for business.

You do not need a high end PC, if your business does not need one and you can upgrade your PC when necessary, making it more future proof as your business grows.

bicfitness2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

Wrong. Netbooks are far cheaper. Hell, you can use a cell phone. this is not a viable or economical solution. Again, Microsoft is proposing a product for an inconvenience that no one has.

Donnieboi2559d ago

What kind of a "business" has a use for Skype, YET at the same time doesn't have a PC/Laptop?

What a stupid idea. Skype is free on pc, and EVERY business that does conference video calls HAS a PC. If they get a Xbone before buying a PC, then they have their priorities screwed up (as a business) and probably have no real business-sense whatsoever.

T22559d ago

Whoever disagreed with you works at a gas station, and not as the manager either lol

M-M2559d ago

Some of you guys should read usernames before replying. "ALLWRONG".

Heisenburger2559d ago

You are really, REALLY reaching broseph.

Just chill and play some games baby.

It's cool.

Mounce2559d ago

You can easily get netbooks and business laptops or business desktops in bulk for cheaper than $499 -_-

Just as Highschools and Colleges get great deals buying computers for class rooms for cheap because of bulk, making each computer probably only cost $100-$180 a pop ultimately, or around there.

ALLWRONG2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

WOW! none of you have a single nugget of truth to say. Try researching facts before you comment, It helps. Also this

Not surprising the PS fanbase do things like that, or this

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dazzrazz2559d ago

People please fix your statements :P it's $500 plus $60 subscription, you didn't think M$ would allow you to have those calls for free right ? Besides that M$ registered today domains like and com 0_o

SpideySpeakz2559d ago

Office Xbox, Skype, Twitch, will all probably be behind a paywall just like Netflix on the 360.

TheUndertaker852559d ago

They will be. Microsoft has it on their own Xbox page already.

iceman062559d ago

They will probably establish some sort of business plan, much like ISP's do, which will probably end up more expensive but worth it for a business. (tax write offs, etc.)

Dogteeth2559d ago

This is the second time today this was posted

2559d ago
Realplaya2559d ago

Ok $500.00 plus dollars for skype and that's it buy a Wii U use there messaging feature for less.

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