Believe it or not, Xbox is taking care of business

Marques Lyons - Microsoft Xbox MVP and the Director of Consumer Camp:
"As the owner of a small business, you find great value in your computer and your phone. Between the two of them you are prepped for presentations, up to date on your appointments and able to create documents with relative ease.
However, let me throw another device into that mix: The Xbox One.
What is being positioned as an excellent entertainment device can be just as enticing for you and your small business. In fact, it's entirely justifiable to make the Xbox One a business expense. The Xbox One, priced at $499, is an affordable option for small business owners, as there are many features built into the console that could help it rival even the most modest of video conferencing and networking platforms."


Via NeoGAF:
Microsoft registered and .net dommanins today

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zme-ul1499d ago

Microsoft clearly lost their marbles

NewMonday1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )


this is not a parody, MS are actually saying this.

TV TV TV sports business TV

just when you think you have seen everything, MS invent new ways to fail.

its funny but this article is becoming true:
"Xbox One is Becoming a Great Ad for the PS4"

zme-ul1499d ago

MS has "something" here, a perfect opportunity for industrial espionage :lol:

1499d ago
NewMonday1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )


sure, video conferences on a machine that collects information, no problem at all :/

dredgewalker1499d ago

I'm sorry but for business a pc is all you need, which is cheaper, more flexible and costs less to maintain. The Xbox One is looking like a jack of all trades and master of none console.

zme-ul1499d ago

being a small business, chanches are (100%) that you have a notebook or a PC around, yes?!
it's fairly easy to install Skype or any other software for video conferences
chances are that you do not have a webcam, then you need to buy one

but, bottom line - it's not gonna cost you 499.99USD

for a small business it's very important on what they spend they money on - do you actually think a gaming console would be part of their budget

dredgewalker1499d ago

MS should also fire the idiot who thought of this idea. A console will never replace nor will it outperform the function of a pc for office use. My god is MS deliberately trying to sabotage the Xbox One?

pompombrum1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Lmfao edonus.. you'd say white was black if Microsoft came out and said so. Xbox One as a device for small businesses.. no just no. For what they are claiming there are far cheaper and far more productive solutions.

It's also funny you call people out as clear sony fanboys when it's crystal clear who you are a fanboy of. Do I own a small business? No but one of my closest friend does and he just laughed the idea out the window. Regardless of fanboy or not, I think it's fairly obvious Microsoft really are losing their marbles and are clearly deluded if they think they are going to sell the Xbox One as a business device.

JoySticksFTW1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Any apologists still want to say that gaming is a priority for MS?

You know when PS3 started getting good? When Sony stopped marketing it as a everything box and began focusing on games again.

It's like MS is totally ignoring this generation's lessons, and just throwing anything against the wall to see what sticks.

How can anyone in their right mind not see the lack of vision and focus from MS with Xbox One?

Didn't MS only begin working on Xbone in 2010, while Sony began in 2007-2008?

MS were unprepared for the next gen to come so soon and it shows. They became complacent due to 360's success. And the most damning, MS seems out of touch with what people want from their system. All of this happening as MS is restructuring. Just after scrapping their vision of the future with Xbox One due to extreme backlash.

Who can feel confident in X1, when MS themselves don't seem confident in their own product with them grasping at straws?

Get it together, MS

gnothe11499d ago

guys like you disgust me...all MS is doing is showing MORE WAYS you can use this system ON TOP of playing GAMES AN BLU RAYS....its like no matter what MS shows guys like you find a reason to hate on it....if you hate MS so much why do you feel the need to post a bash in EVERY XBOX ARTICLE...I really don't like my PS3 but I don't need to bash just gonna give sony another try this gen...ive never seen fanboys so bad in my life...I bet you've told all your friends NOT to get a xbox because the playstation is THE BEST...I don't even know why im wasting my time on you guys....I really need a new site..this place is PATHETIC

pompombrum1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

^^^ Lol, overreaction much? This is a site for GAMERS.. seeing how Microsoft completely screwed gamers over when they got delusions of Wii grandeur, I think gamers have every right to feel a little betrayed by Microsoft's lack of focus on the core gamers.

Anyway, ask Edonus and Jokesonyou, I'm sure they know a good place where you merry band of Xbox fanboys can go talk it up and go on about how awesome Microsoft and the Xbox One is.

devwan1499d ago


Yes, I have my own small business and I'm a Sony fan(boy), but (and this might come as a bit of a shocker)... I've got this magical device called a laptop, and blow me if the thing isn't already able to do all that stuff and more! Imagine my surprise as it didn't even cost as much as an xbox one!

Thanks for the giggles at least...

n4rc1499d ago

God.. You people are too dumb to even know what fanboy means..

You people do nothing but wait for any post that isnt slamming Xbox and starting talking nonsense.

You can use video chat for business.. Well no kidding! There is nothing bad or inaccurate about that..

Yes.. Let's all bitching about privacy when Sony has lost more users private data then any other console maker ever..

Fanboy idiocy.. Get a life

Dlacy13g1499d ago

Sony sold the US Air Force a ton of PS3's back in the day because it could be used to make a "super computer". Sony itself was publicly promoting a cloud program (forgot the name) that if you accepted allowed scientists to use your PS3 for data crunching. My point here is... there already is precedent for pitching game consoles for non-gaming use.

Xbox One most certainly won't be a popular choice for businesses but it could have business merit for those companies looking for a low end video conference call solution.

We already know MS wants Xbox One to be more than just a games console. This is merely part of that broader view.

nukeitall1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )


Do you have staff?

If your business is hectic, then time is the most valuable and costly resource you have. Dicking around with a laptop fixing problems trying to get things to work isn't resourceful use of your time or of your employees.

That is why companies invest in communication, and if this makes it all easier you bet they are going to jump on it.

A professional would cost you close to $400-500 a day at around $70k a year salary. If he/she or a few more people dick around for 2 hours, you spent that already.

Consumers see only single dollar savings, while even just small businesses looks at hundreds to thousands dollars.

People here have no clue how much businesses spend on things. Ask Cisco how much it cost for an enterprise video conference system. Hint, it far exceeds the cost of Xbox One several times over.

HammadTheBeast1499d ago


For about $1.99 (or even free) I can do conference calls with up to 26 people....

Wait for it....

On my phone.

But no, let's spend $500 cause as a small business I obviously have money to blow on games consoles for the office.

mewhy321499d ago

Wow. I think micro$oft should leave the gaming to Sony. I mean, it's like every time that I read about them on the new there's something new idiotic thing that they're saying or doing.

dlocsta1499d ago

Did you type your response on a computer or cell phone? Just wanted to let you know that if you did they are both collecting information about you. I really wish you people would stop speaking just to be heard and actually think about the things you are saying. There is no more intrusive a device on the planet than a cell phone and you use that every day.

Urusernamesucks1499d ago

My god you people are so thickskulled, "a console should be only for gaming" then pcs should be only for calculatios and not videogames.

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die_fiend1499d ago

This sums it up:

"The Xbox One, priced at $499, is an affordable option for small business owners, as there are many features built into the console that could help it rival even the most modest of video conferencing and networking platforms."

It could rival even the most modest of video conferencing. That's them admitting it's really quite poor at those things isn't it? If it can EVEN rival the most modest? Bad choice of words. Shouldn't it rival the good ones. Not, EVEN rival the poor ones

blanket141499d ago

lol at 499 I could buy a pc that does it better for business than the one lol

mediate-this1499d ago

only thing that makes white white is the word

RememberThe3571499d ago

Why do you have to be a fanboy to recognize this is the exact thing we didn't want to see form MS. I'm not fanboy,thought I do lean Sony most of the time. I grew up with MS, born and raised in Seattle, I love Windows, and I think Office is beast, but I did not want to see MS push this system as a business opportunity for themselves. This is a games console they're trying to sell as a "cheep" conferencing platform. But like many have said here PCs (Windows) do it much better and cheaper.

I'm not a fanboy, I'm a gamer and I want my gaming console to be about games. If MS can pull off giving the system a steady stream of games as well as quality service in other sectors them I'm all for it, I just don't see it happening.

*Fingers crossed*

die_fiend1499d ago

What an awful article. Small businesses are not going to spunk $ 500 on a games console so they can video chat. They could buy a pc for half that. Microsoft have pissed on their consumers and this is a desperate plea for any market segment to get tipped off. £429 for that?! Must be a joke

lawgone1499d ago

The only thing that is a joke are your fanboy comments.

die_fiend1498d ago

It's not a fanboy comment. It's highlighting how desperate MS are becoming. The fact the head of Xbox resigned and they've recently restructured speaks volumes - they're in big trouble

ALLWRONG1499d ago

Actually this is a cheaper option for small business. Only a blind fool wouldn't see the importance of capturing the office space. You Sony fans should be a little worried about this. If MS can capture even a fraction of it's MS Office users, they could double the install base. Once in the work place there is no stopping it, just look at Windows and MS Office.

I'm still not getting one because I spent my money on a PC.

devwan1499d ago

Well pass me a cane and a jester hat because I must be the most foolish, short sighted GAMER there is.

So not only is ms not creating a games console and instead a device to capture the living room, but it's box is aiming to become the centre of operations in the office space?

You know what happens when you aim to be all things to all men...? You fail on every single count.

All aboard ms' omnia omnibus! Toot toot!

ALLWRONG1499d ago

"You know what happens when you aim to be all things to all men...? You fail on every single count."

Is that what happened to Sony when they lost so much money? "too many cooks in the kitchen" Movies, music, phones, PC, consoles, TV's, stereos, Blu-ray and barely enough money to keep it going.

You should have thought that comment out before posting.

n4rc1499d ago

Yet all Sony fans jumped on the "it does everything" bandwagon when Sony tried it.. Now Microsoft are screwing gamers for doing the same thing

Hypocritical bs..

lawgone1499d ago

@nr4c...the hypocrisy is truly infuriating at times. They are not going to like anything the XBox does. It could give them 3 blow jobs a day and they would complain.

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theEx1Le1499d ago

Im sure the PS3 was advertised as a business machine too when it launched. Didnt they have something about clustering ps3 together as a supercomputer. IDK, if it shifted more units I dont see the harm.

ALLWRONG1499d ago

Yup... Sony did say something like that, but that's Sony and this is N4G.

iceman061499d ago

Actually, several government agencies were intrigued by the prospect of using the PS3 clusters to crunch raw data (which the CELL was really good at). So, the US Air Force purchased PS3's to make that cluster. Then, there was the Folding At Home program to integrate gamers PS3's into a cloud computing group that helped to discern protein structures during cancer research. But, it wasn't an advertisement of sorts. It was more of...hey this is what others want to do with PS3 that isn't game related.