Epilogue: Insecticide - IGN give Crackpot a chance to respond to its reviews

Last month Crackpot and Gamecock released Insecticide, giving Nintendo DS owners a mix of adventure and action gameplay. The game has an average review score of 60 percent on Metacritic, with the general consensus being that clumsy shooting segments get in the way of the fun adventure bits. It was created by veterans of LucasArts, so they certainly know their adventure stuff. IGN caught up with Mike Levine, President and Head Monkey at developer Crackpot, to get his reactions to Insecticide's reception and to discuss some of the decisions they made with this ambitious title.

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PS360WII4248d ago

nice interview I'd certianly like to see more of these developers. I like how they could brush off the reviews because they missed a few things while reviewing (namely the control options)