Game Vortex Review - Insecticide: Part 1

Game Vortex writes:

"Insecticide: Part 1 is the first half of a game that is equal parts action-platformer and adventure. While the shooter aspects of the game tend to get a bit repetitive, I did find the puzzle-solving aspects to be a nice change of pace. The odd thing is, when I played the game for the Nintendo DS, I had a lower opinion of it than now on the PC. I don't know if that is completely because of the change in platforms, expectations on the respective platforms, or my personal view of this type of game has changed, but Insecticide just feels better on the PC.

Insecticide really nails down the nitty-gritty film noir feel for this insect-ruled world. Inspired heavily from classic detective stories, everything from the long trench coats to distinct accents really sell the game's overall feel. As for polygon count, Insecticide won't win any awards, but what it does have looks good and is effective. Pre-rendered cut-scenes look the best (as you would expect), but even the in-game work isn't all that bad."

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