Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus Gets First Screenshots and Key Art

Sony Computer Entertainment just unveiled with a press release the game it has been teasing for a couple days with mysterious pictures posted on its social media channels.Together with the release the publishers sent the first screenshots and the key art, which is the completed version of the teaser image.

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Biohazard88602020d ago

Can't wait that trailer got me pumped up for this very happy sony is supporting PS3 still ;)

Abriael2020d ago

I just wish they made it a PS3/PS4 title, but I guess it's much better than nothing :D

Biohazard88602020d ago

Yeah same here well who knows maybe a PS4 rachet and clank will come out during the time when the movie comes out :)

MonChiChi2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

PS4 R&C is inevitable. Let's let big bro get a little longer in his own room. Before he is shipped off to college, only to have little bro take over room.

Retroman2019d ago

Dude it is ps3/4 title it is coming out in oct. 29.99... ps4 release in nov.

2019d ago
_QQ_2020d ago

I wish they would give more info on the movie,pretty excited for that.


that's pixar quality rite there...only on playstation!

Abriael2019d ago

Well now, let's not go overboard lol

dcj05242019d ago

I'll buy this. Would've preffered if this was a vita exclusive though. I want a good rachet and clank on it.

bjmartynhak2019d ago

I would love the Sly and Ratchet's PS2 collections for Vita. (without the issues that Jak had, specially the 1st). They could work as warm up for Vita exclusives.

r212019d ago

Amazing, these visuals look like early PS4 games IMO. Props to Insomniac pulling this off.

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