What? These 5 PS3 Games HAVEN'T Been Remastered?

Releases - "With so many of the best PlayStation 3 games being remastered in glorious form for the PlayStation 4, is there a reason to still pick up that old piece of hardware? Probably not, however, if you look deep enough, the console still has some hits that have yet to make the transition to current-gen platforms.

Here's five games that have us scratching our heads as to why they were never "remastered" and that the PlayStation 3 still holds close to its dying heart."

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Aloy-Boyfriend1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Ascencion should have been included in the GoW3 remastered. It would have given the MP a second chance. I loved it and the whole game. I still don't get the hate

Phill-Spencer1621d ago

I am still waiting for puppeteer as i just sold my ps3 when it released.

stevansavic891621d ago

i wish that Twisted metal get remastered for ps4,online is tons of fun

PhoenixUp1621d ago

I wish more remasters released on the PS4 came with multiple games just like how they did with the PS3.

USMC_POLICE1621d ago

I just want socom 2 remastered with online play, that's all I want for Christmas and birthday for the rest of my life.

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The story is too old to be commented.