IGN: Harvest Moon DS Cute Review

From the review by Bozon of IGN:

"With 'Cute,' players can expect the same girl-friendly transition that we saw with More Friends of Mineral Town, as there are a few changes made in the most basic of areas, but the core game is still identical. It's still a fun game, but like its predecessor (which is now a year and a half old), Harvest Moon DS Cute feels more like a touch-enabled version of Friends of Mineral Town, and less like the true Harvest Moon DS experience we're waiting for. We've played and loved Rune Factory, and we know the true successor is on the way as well, with Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness releasing in Japan within the next few months. Hopefully we see that making a DS debut as quickly as possible, as we're now three and a half years into the DS life cycle, and we've still yet to get a true 3D Harvest Moon. Now if you'll excuse us, we're going back to Rune Factory, and we suggest you do the same."

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