Kickstarter Wrapup: Where do Kickstarters go when they die?

Kickstarters have an interesting life. They start off as someone’s idea and then are thrown into the crowd where they are shared, spread, molded and hopefully funded until they become a physical or digital product. But not all Kickstarters meet their funding goal, and so they don’t always follow that path. That doesn’t mean they don’t eventually move onto the final step, after all, ideas have been coming to fruition long before crowdsourcing was an idea itself.KickstarterWrap_side

Sometimes, for one reason or another, an idea just doesn’t take off on Kickstarter. That doesn’t mean the idea was bad, sometimes some of the best and most innovative ideas fail to reach their Kickstarter goal. Sometimes it is a lack of clarity on the part of the creator, sometimes it is being over ambitious and asking for too much money, for whatever the reason, some of the most interesting projects just never get noticed.

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