GamesBeat: Deus Ex: The Fall is shockingly not dumbed down for iOS (review)

Deus Ex: The Fall faithfully brings the FPS/RPG melding gameplay of Human Revolution to iOS devices.

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Sadie21002868d ago

Those graphics are pretty sharp for mobile!

wishingW3L2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

if you're talking based on those screens then those are bullshots. Even at 1080p with x16 AA there are some jaggies around but these pics are obviously super-sampled and that's why they have no jaggies.

barefootgamer2868d ago

Yeah, it is pretty. Too bad I don't own an iOS device. :(

Sadie21002868d ago

I do think this series needs to tone down the gold/yellow hues a bit, though.

crazytown992868d ago

The future will be amber. Probably because of all the robots.

JeffGrubb2868d ago

Well I'll be damned. This actually sounds OK.

SybaRat2868d ago

But do the boss fights suck?

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