What Final Fantasy 7 looks like on PC after 15 years of modding.

This is what a decent modding community and a long period of time can do to a classic title.

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Godmars2901980d ago

Thing is, when most fans think of "remaking" the game *THAT* is what they're talking about. Better textures and a few tweaks to the combat engine and story.

SegaSaturn6691980d ago

They should mod it so you can't change the characters' names. Look at the silly names that guy picked.

crxss1980d ago

The original looks better, anything resembling advent children, dirge, or anything compilation of ff7 is just bad

Menech1980d ago

The new stuff clearly looks better, its just out of place...

No point in having a high res Cloud design if the entire world around him looking blocky.

PurpHerbison1980d ago

Don't know why it matters what the name of HIS characters are.

caseh1980d ago


Yah, because Cloud and Squall are clearly not silly names are they... /s

Raziology1980d ago

Raziel is not a silly name.

MWH1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

why what's wrong with Booken and Bellu? lol oh dear God..

@crXss I agree that the original looked better, males looked like males and females, well, never a problem there.

I'm not fond of the Japanese's gender interpretation and find it rather embarrassing to some level even for a fantasy world.

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Number-Nine1980d ago

All they need to do is clean up some of the Dialog and i'm good.

1980d ago
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KwietStorm1980d ago

Ha. Speak for yourself. The worst thing Square did was show that tech demo when PS3 debuted.

Godmars2901980d ago

By agrees/disagrees I'm speaking for others as well. People who likely realize that this Square isn't going to be able to deliver a game which matches those graphics.

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MWong1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

@ Godmars290

I agree, the other FF remakes they did were just graphical updates. I think that's all that is needed. Just upgrade the textures/graphics and combat engine. They can expand the story a little, but really not necessary since they have games like Crises Core and Dirge of Cerberus.

They should remake all the FF from 1-8. I would donate to a Kickstarter project for that.

1979d ago
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-Mika-1980d ago

It looks great. I never played FF7 but when i do. I definitely going to pick it up for the PC.

Godmars2901980d ago

Hope you know how to install mods, cause the version Square put out look like - are - the "before" pics.

Dark_king1980d ago

the version they put out looks worse then when I run it on the emulator.

Bobby Kotex1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Not everyone is brain dead or intimidated by PCs like many people here.

ps3_pwns1980d ago

I agree square enix sucks big time and are lazy pieces of crap when it comes to final fantasy 7. why do they hate that game so much but love lightning so much when people have been wanting ff 7 more and cloud more for years? I aint gonna take a lot of time to make some decent bak drops and a better world map and such so freakng lazy.

decrypt1980d ago


Installing mods might be a bit of an effort. However look at it this way. PC is the platform with the most BC reliability. Why buy a game for a collection, when the platform you buy it on has no reliability.

I currently have over 150 games on my steam list i am not worried at all that i will not be able to play them as soon as a new gen starts. Hell i could upgrade my PC and still be playing games i bought 20 years back all in one place.

N4GDgAPc1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )


Apperently you don't know what it takes to make a video game. If they do remake it, its not going to be a little remaster. There going to make it next gen graphics. They would have to do everything from scratch. Over $50million to make and 2 to 3 years to finish it. So that has nothing to do with Square-enix being lazy.

I can see where they are coming from. Why remake something like that when you can make something new.

And its alot eaiser to make more FF13 games because they already have assests and a game engine that works for it. They have a foundation done already that makes the development alot faster to finish the game.

jrbeerman111980d ago

If square enix remakes ff7 they wont be able to make everyone happy either, imagine the whining about every detail that will ensue.

pixelsword1980d ago

They like lightning because they can dress her up in a schoolgirl outfit or a short dress with cat ears; I'm sure they do the same thing with cloud too, but in their private development room with the hot-tub.

AndrewLB1979d ago

Google "Tifa's Package" and download the 13gb mod pack. It contains all new textures, backgrounds, remastered audio, high res characters, and more. And the installer called "bootleg" lets you pick and choose which mods you want to install, since you get a half dozen choices for about 10 different aspects of the game.

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guitarded771980d ago ShowReplies(1)
jrbeerman111980d ago

Final fantasy avatar and havent tried 7? Am i to assume you missed 6 (3) as well?

Murad1980d ago

Don't bother picking up the PC version. Just buy the original PS version and then emulate it. You'll get better results for the amount of care you put into a game, which SE clearly does not care about.

MWong1979d ago

Well good thing for you it was just released on the PC via Steam.

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wishingW3L1980d ago

if it weren't because the backgrounds are pre-rendered they could mod even more stuff.

hkgamer1980d ago

it can look even better with the illegal mods.

Basically has ripped models of characters from KH and crisis core i think.

DragonKnight1980d ago

Illegal mods? Technically, ever mod done to the game is illegal.

1980d ago
DragonKnight1980d ago

Every game comes with the clause that you aren't allowed to modify or manipulate the code of the game. It is technically illegal, but as you said it's not really enforced until someone profits off it.

dktxx21980d ago

Most mods don't actually modify any code. They simply replace assets like textures and models (such as the one in this article), or add on to existing code.

And taking models from other games and putting them into another isn't illegal either, so long as you own both games, like SkyBlivion. The modders just can't distribute the models.

DragonKnight1980d ago

Software law is headache inducing.

Bladesfist1979d ago

It's not that confusing. Replacing models has nothing to do with software.

hkgamer1978d ago

OK.. maybe they are, maybe they aren't...
But the mods I am talking about are specifically the ones with ripped character models.

s-e doesn't really care about modding ff7 but they do not like you ripping models from any of their other games.

I think anyway.

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