Forging Capcom-Unity: A Pixelitis interview with Christian Svensson

"Forging bonds, creating an interconnected web and developing fellowships that test boundaries. Sounds like something out of Lord of the Rings, but it’s the real time work of some of the people who work to make Capcom-Unity what it is today.

I had the chance to conduct an e-mail interview with Svensson in order to understand how Capcom USA set out to build a better bridge between it and its fans, while also picking his brain about the outlook on next-gen consoles and Capcom’s increased surge in digital game distribution.

And of course, I couldn’t help but ask a Breath of Fire-related question or two. It’s an obsession, I know."

- Patrick Kulikowski

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DragonKnight1979d ago

Capcom didn't build any bridge between them and their fans. The only time they even remotely listened to anything their fans had to say is whenever it's a minor, Street Fighter related issue. The proof is with Megaman, DmC, and the fact that there hasn't been an Onimusha game in 7 years. Capcom-Unity is just a place where Capcom can ban people for talking smack about their terrible games.

1979d ago
Larry L1979d ago

As far as I'm concerned the only boundaries Capcom ever tested with Capcom Unity is the boundaries of it's fan's patience.

All they ever did on Capcom Unity is ask fans what they want for and in games, and proceeded to then go out of their way to purposely NOT do what those fans asked for.

There are so many examples. From the characters added to MvC3 which Ghost Rider was the only demanded character that was put in, and that's because they were already working on him and planned to add him anyway. To completely selling out the PlayStation fanbase who were begging for a PS3 Monster Hunter right when the franchise was starting to get popular outside of Japan, for the Nintendo install base which didn't even want the game, instead of bringing the franchise up to the next level, they let it fester and at this point DEvolve with that rediculous 3DS game. To refusing to give fans the Mega Man games they were damnding on Unity. The list could go on forever.

Oh, Capcom is CERTAINLY listening to it's fans on Capcom Unity, the problem is they only do the exact OPPOSITE of what those fans want.

XtraTrstrL1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Well, they did send me an Okami themed incense package as a thank you for giving ideas for Street Fighter 4. Other than that, there's not much they've done on the Unity forums to show the community that they are connected. I stopped going to the boards after they started doing just what they said they wouldn't with SF(milking it for as much as they could.

They said they wouldn't sell characters separately, then they do the Arcade Edition, that is basically selling characters separately. Then they whored out MvC3, and disrespected customers of that franchise by making UMvC3 just like 9 months down the line, and it wasn't an upgradeable purchase, you had to buy it all over again.

Not to mention the insane level of DLC, which many times is disc-locked content, that they go to the excuse "It may be on the disc, but it was produced on a separate budget". There's no way for us to verify that it was truly on a separate budget, and anyways, how about you work strictly on perfecting the game up until release, before splitting up teams to try and milk the game with content that is so early that it'll make it on the original disc. Greedy bastards.

jeremyj29131979d ago

Capcom Unity is nothing more than a terrible attempt at PR. Nothing the fans say ever gets taken into consideration for anything.