EA's PS4 & Xbox One games will cost £54.99

EA's PlayStation 4 and Xbox One titles will carry an RRP of £54.99 - £5 more than the average current-gen RRP.

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rajman3887d ago

lol thats like $80, terrible

allformats3887d ago

Leave it up to EA to try and screw their customers. It's no wonder they're incessantly voted the WORST company.

papashango3887d ago

Doesn't matter. They know Battlefield is about to explode on consoles and Madden/Fifa fans have been lost to the EA machine.

Current generation console gamers don't know the concept of speaking with their wallets. Sucks to be you guys as I've said my peace with Battlefield after being a hardcore fan of the series since pre 1942 launch over 10 years ago.

TekoIie3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Dude look at Amazon! Just about every dev/publisher on next gen has done this.



"In america....."

Why would EA be selling BF4 in America in GBP currency?

TotalHitman3887d ago

@Pekolie, most of those prices are likely placeholders. Remember when amazon had the PS4 at £600? LOL.

TekoIie3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )


Could be true. The worrying thing is that this price increase isnt something that looks as though its out of reality.

We hear a fair few Devs/Publishers (Tomb Raider was one of the more recent)complaining about not making enough of a profit that makes me think this is possible.

EDIT: Just noticed!

"titles will carry an RRP of £54.99 - £5 more than the average current-gen RRP."

Isnt RRP in the UK £40? £45 for games like COD?

SilentNegotiator3887d ago

If EA increases their prices, so will every other major publisher.

guitarded773887d ago

Don't know what other regions will be, but they are priced at $59.99 in the states, which is the current norm. I'd expect other regions to be set at the current norm price.


Next gen consoles are supposed to be way cheaper to develop for, despite outputting higher quality, because the whole development can be much faster (up to 3 times, that a lot less work time to pay for). So the whole devs not making enough money this gen is no excuse for next one.

Also, publishers kept talking about how they had to charge for used games and pump out DLC, passes and what not because this gen costs of development was increased... Funny, that was the very reason that they raised the price of games from 50 to 60 day one in current gen, wasn't it? The whole hike in costs of development had already been dealt with, period. If it wasn't enough it can be either of two things:

#1 They can't manage a business properly.
#2 They can't manage development properly.

In either case, they are the ones to blame and not gamers demands over a higher cost development. And if they try to pin that on gamers they can as well kiss my ass, hope they land on their faces... "Natural" selection at it's finest, if you can't survive we'll probably be better with you out of the pool anyway.

TotalHitman3886d ago

@Pekolie, Nope, the RRP is or was £50 over here in the UK for just about every major game.

I'm not surprised that GAME are struggling. They earn just enough to stay afloat on used game sales. Those sales prevent GAME from hiking the price to RRP. They can't really afford to increase the price either because amazon and the supermarkets will always beat them on price.

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malokevi3887d ago

For the quality they are delivering, I'll fork over an extra 5.

I_am_Batman3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Compared to some other publishers the quality of most EA games is pretty poor though.

malokevi3887d ago

I play Battlefield 3 on my 360. If there is a more refined shooter out there, I'll run out and buy it right now.

I think EA delivers great stuff. All that talent, all that money, all those studios... they are integral to the industry.

I don't see any possible way to love gaming and hate EA. That's like loving chocolate, but hating Hershey's.

Sideras3887d ago

That the most disgusting thing I've ever heard a person say. You just diminished my trust in humanity, thank you.

malokevi3887d ago

I can definitely live with that.

HammadTheBeast3887d ago

Don't forget the $50 for Premium and pretty much the "full" game.

malokevi3887d ago

Can't remember the last time I went premium or bought DLC. As far as I'm concerned, the "full" game is what gets packed in / is free. Everything else is gravy... and gravy aint free.

sourav933887d ago

An extra 5? New games cost £40 in the UK. That's a £15 price hike, or about $22. I'm almost certain that those are placeholder prices. If not, then I'll be importing my games from the states.

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LostDjinn3887d ago

EA seem to be jacking the price up all 'round.
It boggles the mind how they think this will improve their damaged image.

It's like they identify what will make them look like the biggest douchebags and say "You know what? Let's go with that."

torchic3887d ago

still better than the $90 paid in EU countries (€69.99). I remember when the $ was doing badly against the Euro towards the end of the recession (2011) the converted figure was pushing $100+

we get ripped off so badly in the EU

Godlovesgamers3887d ago

"towards the end of the recession"

Now that is funny!

superbhoy3887d ago

@godlovesgamers- especially in Ireland! lol

JunioRS1013887d ago

I guess don mattrick went to EA and not zynga?

nypifisel3887d ago

We're paying $100 for a single game in Sweden so.. yep

sourav933887d ago

But isn't everything expensive in Scandinavian countries? Plus the average wage there is 4 times that in the UK.

Goose993887d ago

$80.00 price for the PS4 version. I guess Ill be getting the XBOX One version.

WeedyOne3887d ago

Did you even read the title? It clearly says ps4 AND Xbox One games not just Ps4...

hellzsupernova3887d ago

What are games usually in Great Britain? Cause here in New Zealand you at this time in a consoles life span a launch game is around $85 nzd ($66 usd) but the activision games for next gen are all up around $138 nzd ($108 usd) which is insane I am not bing destiny at that price.

sourav933887d ago

New games usually come at a price point of £40 in the UK. That's just over $59. The new prices are most likely placeholders.