Indian gamers react to EA PC price hike with #EAPCIndia campaign

EA is hiking prices of its upcoming PC games in India by as much as 133%. In response, gamers have thronged to Twitter with the #EAPCIndia campaign, which is picking up steam and getting quite a bit of media attention.

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Cam9771987d ago

This is ridiculous, EA deserve their reward of the worst American company.

Muffins12231987d ago

The irony is that this is not happening in America lol

MikeyDucati11986d ago

I don't see the irony. It's a corporation that is doing what a corporation does...charge your high and make you believe they have a product that you want.

Muffins12231986d ago

Mikey...he said that this incident right here,raising game prices in India,is the reason there the worst company in AMERICA

MikeyDucati11985d ago

lol ohhhhhh I get it. I should of had my coffee before commenting. Thanks for the clarification.

2pacalypsenow1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Maybe india has a better economy so it balances out. Its like people complaining about pricing in AU vs US different markets and income .

Just my thought i might be wrong

Muffins12231986d ago

no,your right.There trying to equal the price we pay for the games in america.

LostDjinn1987d ago

So the price hike is from a flat $24.79 US to:

FIFA 14 $41.32 US (an increase of 66%)
B4 $57.86 US (an increase of 133%)
N4S:R $57.86 US (an increase of 133%)

Given the average wage in India, how is it that this will result in anything other than piracy? Or is that the point?

DeadlyFire1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Obviously they are pushing the low wage consumers out of the picture. Prices are still cheaper than in America. I see no reason to complain about them.

mafiahajeri1987d ago

Always new EA was dirty even in the PS2 days .

Muffins12231987d ago


JohnS13131986d ago

Indians can't afford $60 a game. They have been stealing US jobs for years because a lot of jobs can be sent there and they make $10 an hour instead of paying Americans a lot more. Making so little nobody can spend $60 on a game. That would be like charging Americans $200.

nypifisel1986d ago

They're probably not getting $10 an hour^^ It's way less.

Red_Devilz1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

$10 an hour? Chief management staff at top IT Companies in India get paid that much. No kidding.

DeadlyFire1986d ago

I saw a documentary on this stating they get paid 50,000 Rupees a month for IT jobs which is equal to $830 or $5.19 an hour to do tech support if working 40 hour weeks. I don't know how taxes are in their government.

Small yes, but I don't make much more living in the US. At most in India games should cost is $40-50.

2pacalypsenow1986d ago

How is it stealing if they are being given to them?
Maybe if americans didn't want $15 an hour to mow a lawn or customer service it would be fine. You know

JohnS13131986d ago

I'm talking about IT jobs and really good American jobs. Companies want to save money so they ship a lot of good jobs to India. They keep a small staff at their office who then are paid less money. Be happy you kept your job. It's destroying the US. It's been going on for years.

2pacalypsenow1985d ago

Its not indias fault if US is sending the jobs there maybe americans should take less money and keep the jobs here.
And its not destroying america Stuff like this has been going on since the 90's when america was in good financial status. The economy is bad worldwide

kwiksilver991986d ago

i just hope games for the ps4 games dont cost more than the ps3 games out here.
capcom ps3 games have been priced higher than other ps3 games in india ,as have cod :(