How to play using a Gamecube controller on the Wii U

Hate playing Smash brothers with a Wii mote? Well good news. It's now virtually possible to play Wii U/Wii with the legendary Gamecube controller. In the video I demonstrate how you can do this using the Mayflash Wii to GC adapter.

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darthv721927d ago

i have one of these adapters from when I was using a cube controller on a PC many years ago.

the odd part was the USB cube adapter only worked with real nintendo cube controllers. 3rd party ones would not be recognized. Im going to have to dig through my drawer and find it just to try it out.

On a side note, i picked up the tatsunoko vs capcom stick off ebay and it came with a usb adapter that said it works on the PS3/PC. I have yet to try it but the stick is quite nice for the game.

PigPen1927d ago

Thanks, but no thanks . Gamecube controller belongs to history. I will play with the Pro controller when it's needed.

mcstorm1927d ago

I agree. I am a fan of the game cube controller but I really like the pro controller its the nearest controller ice found to fit my hands after the 360 controller.

fatstarr1926d ago

GC controller is the best nintendo controller in a long time.

TXIDarkAvenger1927d ago

The bad part is the Wii remote runs off batteries...As a huge fan of Smash, I guess its time to move on and play with the Pro controller. It will take some getting used to but it will be worth it.

thezeldadoth1927d ago

the pro controller feels great, i miss the little groves in the C-stick on the gamecube controller though

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Qrphe1927d ago

It's pointless if the analog functions can't transfer over.

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