F.E.A.R. for Xbox 360 Ready to Ship

Sierra Entertainment today announced that both F.E.A.R. Extraction Point for PC and F.E.A.R for the Xbox 360 gaming and entertainment system have gone gold and will shortly be shipped to stores.

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Funky Town_TX4470d ago

piss poor job by these dev. This is what we(gamers)have become. We want re-hashed games not originalS. This game is old. Kudos to Bungie for making Halo3 the last one. I wish other would do the same. How many GTA's do we need. How many Maddens do we need.

Dusk4470d ago

There are those that don't game on the PC. For them, this game isn't old.

CompGeek4470d ago

I cant even tell what you're talking about.

FEAR is the best FPS to date.

Grown Folks Talk4469d ago

provide updates for rosters in madden to download, but then they couldn't charge you so much. i do agree on the gta games, but people like them. i wanted to play fear but didn't want to upgrade my pc.

Mikey_Gee4469d ago (Edited 4469d ago )

Myself included.

My PC did not have the horsepower to run this game in a form with playing. So to have it come out on the 360 is FANTASTIC.

Glad I will "FINALLY" get to enjoy this game in full visual and gameplay glory.

borgome4469d ago

Ya, I hate gaming on PC's, keyboard and mouse combo sucks. So I'm definatley getting this game. But I do agree about some games having to many sequels, especially when there are sh!t games like GTA.

Marriot VP4469d ago (Edited 4469d ago )

PC gaming for FPS's is atrocious, I hate every bit of it. I've played HL2, and source and really didn't enjoy it. Who wants to put their hands on a table and press buttons....carpul tunnel anyone

I'm not going to buy this when there's COD3 and GOW on the horizon. Perhaps when this becomes 30 bucks like LOTR did.

Funky Town_TX4469d ago

Make FEAR 2 for the 360. LAZY is what I call it. EA is the same way. BTW, I don't have it on PC either. 360 will get lots of old PC ports. This game should cost $30 not $60. RIPOFF. Oh, I have the right to speak my own mind guys.

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