PSP outsells every other console combined in Japan

Today, chart data from Famitsu based on software and console sales for last week (March 24-30th) shows what sort of impact Monster Hunter 2nd Portable G has had on console sales in Japan.

Last week PSP actually managed to sell more units than all of its competitor consoles put together. The handheld sold approximately 139,000 units, compared to (rounded up or down) 57,000 DSs, 49,000 Wiis, 13,000 PS3s and 2,800 Xbox 360s.

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Skerj4244d ago

But but, PSP needs help and is dying and blah blah blah blah. Let this be a lesson to naysayers, naysay no more!! I want that Monster Hunter PSP, it's the first time I thought one other than the default Black and Piano Black looked cool. The white is ok but distracting. I'm still holding out hope for PS3 Monster Hunter with online mode. ..and some persistence. That'd print money for Capcom in Japan.

BrianC62344244d ago

That's amazing it is selling so well. And over Monster Hunter. I guess that shows the difference between Japan and the rest of the world. They go nuts over a game like that.

heyheyhey4244d ago

the red God of War is the sexiest by far

gambare4244d ago

and wait till Kingdom hearts comes, it will be a bomb in PSP.

The Killer4244d ago

saying that psp reached its half life and its peek, so in other word psp is dying from here on, thats what he was saying, well either he is a fanboy or about to be fired from his bad future sight, just few days after his article psp out sells all consoles in japan and sales of one game in 6 days is one million, well i dont see psp is dying any time soon, in fact i see it only increasing in hardware and software sales. i will by a psp sometime down the road but now i dont have time for it! my priority is to buy a ps3 now after i finish university!

Skerj4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

Definately get a PSP after you get the PS3 then, the two systems complement each other SO well that Sony should pack in a Slim with every PS3.

Also yes, that guy was very much wrong the PSP is just getting started. Sony released the processor limit they placed on developers and now we get games of God of War calibre which looks better than the first did on PS2. Crisis Core was still under the limit afaik but it's an outstanding game nonetheless. Now there's no telling what's going to come to the system now.

The Killer4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

i heard this limit topic before but can u tell me please more about it? i mean what limit and how sony released the limit, and why they limited it?

here i have the link to the article that claims "Signs Suggest a Mid-life Crisis for PSP"
March 30th, 2008 written by Kris
from the website

guys make sure u dont visit that site due its been handled by anti sony fanboys!

ironic, he claims "Signs Suggest a Mid-life Crisis for PSP" and after 3 days psp sales is breaking new records in japan! and its just started to take more market share!


psp is here to stay at least for the next 5 years, with the advance tech in the psp which is much ahead of the DS it can last longer, it might even compete with the next nintendo handled if they release it with low tech like they did with DS!

Carbon4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

I don't even know why we bother comparing the DS to the PSP. They’re so far away from being on the same level. Literally the DS success comes from the cheap price parents are willing to shell out to shut their kids up for a few hours. It entertains them... in a way it's kind of an electronic binki.

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INehalemEXI4244d ago

I liked the jp slim crisis core bundled psp too. To bad US did not get one. I would have traded in my fat by now.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 44244d ago

It's got a 10 year life span to;)

heyheyhey4244d ago

lol don't lie

unfortunately, it's not as future-proof as the PS3

Sony needs to make a PSP2 with a huge hardware upgrade, two analogue sticks (big one) and very strong anti-piracy security upgrades

then they could for a 5, 6 or even 7-year cycle

dalibor4244d ago

I gave you a bubble for helping create the ps3 hahaha

shine13964244d ago

^^^^^^^^^I'll give you a buble for being funny!!!!!

dalibor4244d ago

Dang, has this ever happened before? A system selling everything else combined.

Kholinar4244d ago

For one country? I'd imagine the DS has done it, though the chances are lower when there's a hot selling console like the Wii around.

We get so used to the DS selling insane numbers that we don't even compare it to the rest.

dalibor4244d ago

You are right about that, the ds was spitting hot fire for a while, the wii is just unstoppable its ludacris(is that how ludacris is spelled? lol).

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The story is too old to be commented.