Postcard Review: Nostalgia, Man

(Editor’s note: In the Postcard Review, members of the Pixelitis staff write small, easily digestible reviews big enough to ‘fit on a postcard’ – hence the title. It can be about the whole experience or just a small piece of the pie. No scores needed.)

"What creates replay value? To me, “replayability” comes from a mix of varying difficulty, hidden bonus content, speed runs and pure fun factor. Sometimes it’s simply a pure addiction – a condition where playing the same levels for hours on end is immensely enjoyable.

That’s what playing Mega Man 2 is for me. An insatiable addiction to jumping and shooting." - Tom Farndon

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Kevlar0091954d ago

I like MegaMan 2 because I was actually able to advance without too much trouble, didn't need to do quite as much grinding. Once you get Metal Blades the rest of the game falls into place. There's some pretty iconic Robot Masters, from Metal Man to Leaf Man. Well done with the right amount of difficulty (love the soundtrack)