The 'Six Days In Fallujah' Controversy

Six days in Fallujah was a realistic tactical shooter set in the Second Battle of Fallujah over the span of six days in November 2004. It was being developed by Atomic Games and was hoping to be the first game to focus directly on the Iraq War.

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Jackhass1980d ago

Too bad Konami wussed out on this one.

JumpToGamer1980d ago

I think it's foolish to ignore events which have happened. War is part of human nature, it happens, it is happening now and will happen again in the future. You can't get away from that fact. I understand how people who lost a loved one would be against this, but that's the same as not making a game based on world war 2 as there are still living survivors and many people died in it? If anyone laughs playing a serious game like this about being killed or not, then it isn't an issue with the game, it's an issue with that person where the problems would go far beyond just one video game.

I think such a game would actually make people appreciate even more what our armed forces go through, and if like the article proclaimed that returning troops asked for it to be made is true, then I think it wouldn't be wrong to do so.

iamnsuperman1980d ago

For me I feel video games are not really the best platform for people to experience these kinds of events. These are best told through books, TV and films than playing it. If we ignore how infantry combat works and how the games that do it "properly" tend to have a much smaller audience because in video game land that kind of gaming tend to get boring to a lot of people, the big problem is doing it right which I feel can never been done with video games because it isn't about you (which gaming is) its about the people who fought in it. Its far better to do it fictitiously if you really want people to "experience" war.

1nsomniac1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

That's the most bizarre comment I've read in a while - You cant experience war fictitiously. If your experiencing anything as fiction then that's exactly how it remains - fiction, made up, a story created for entertainment.

An experience needs to be just that, an actual experience. It needs to have fact or based from truth.

If you actually want someone to experience war then aside from actually being in war then gaming is undeniably the only other place you could actually experience it.

I think a lot could of been learnt from this game if they had done it properly without censoring the reality of war like they claimed they were going to.

FortKnight1979d ago

That seems like an odd discredit to fictitious writing. "Made-up" stories, so to speak, can evoke just as much emotion and sympathy as non-fiction. The response is heavily reliant on the quality of writing. Writing can be as immersive as games can be.

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Rivitur1980d ago

Damn its been awhile since konami bailed and I was expecting someone to pick it up but that's not going to happen as the game is probably outdated by now.

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