Quick look: This month's Playstation Plus games

Another month, another round-up of Playstation Plus titles. Those looking for an excuse to escape the sweltering sun need look no further as this month, Battlefield 3, Saints Row: The Third and Payday: The Heist are all up for grabs, as well as two Vita titles: Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus and Unit 13.

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Need4Game2897d ago

give Playstation Plus a Plus!

Zichu2896d ago

Just need them to put up SR2 and I will have the whole collection through PS+


Zichu2896d ago

Damn, must of been before I signed up to PS+...

b_one2896d ago

try to catch someone with ps+ account(And with sr2) to log in on your ps3, and download that game, as long as this account stays, you have sr2. #rocketscience_lvl_stuff

Jimneous2896d ago

I don't know if they're still doing it, but it used to be if you activated your Saints Row 3 online pass it made you eligible to download Saints Row 2 for free. Since the PS plus version will have an online pass, one can only assume that if that deal is still going it would make you able to get the second game as well.