Wii U: "Some Software Developers Have Become Pessimistic" Says Iwata

NowGamer: "Satoru Iwata feels that developers might have been put off by Wii U after initial games did 'not enjoy brisk sales'"

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Mr_Nuts1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

Well it's not their fault, look at Ubisoft they were the biggest supporter of your console and believed in it....then because of the way you handled things Iwata at Nintendo and after how much the Wii U is struggling of course it's going to put them off eventually.

Seriously why hasn't he stepped down. Nintendo need an up to date, fresh take on the company. This guy is too busy tying them down to tradition. Sony tried to keep to tradition in 2006 look where that got them, they brought it Mark Cerny and broke that tradition and the PS4 is shaping up to be a fantastic console.

I mean it's just now they want to expand teams in the company so they can make more games and have better development times

They have games like Mario Kart, a system seller, that only started development barley over a year ago when it should of been in development just when the Wii U finished development or was nearing it to get it out roughly around now.

They are spending too much time on the 3DS when they have the Wii U to worry about. I mean they are making a Smash Bros 3DS game alongside the console version but they've even said this could "hold it back". Why not make one a year or so after.

Games like Luigi's Mansion 2 were put on the 3DS instead of the Wii U despite the game first appearing on a console and people waiting years for a sequel only to get a 3DS version.

The fact that the online is still way behind and you have games like Super Mario 3D World (another problem it's self) which have co-op...but don't have online co-op....I mean come on

I mean I just feel like they don't know what they are doing and if it was any other company Iwata would of been told to take a hike ages ago

I want the best for Nintendo but it's just not going to happen if things continue like this.

Jagsrock1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

While Nintendo didn't do the best job to say its not the third parties fault either is letting them of easy. I feel third parties did give up extremely fast. Most third party games were just ports and its like they were expecting record sales. Ubisoft went back on there word with rayman legends only less then three months after wii u launch.Ea also went back on there word rather quickly. Nintendo should have known better than to rely on third parties and just released their games first instead of holding back.In terms of Iwata if he were to be replaced it wouldn't bother me as I agree that he has made questionable decisions. This next six months will be make or break but there is a lot of potential for a wii u bounce back with a strong line up of games steadily rolling in from next month.

abzdine1926d ago

well looks like Nintendo has to support the WiiU alone. they haven't done much to promote their console, they think the name Wii will make casuals go crazy again.
Unfortunately for them, only real gamers are the potential buyers no matter what and they need to step their game up to make the console appealing.
I love Nintendo but right now they are disappointing me.

dedicatedtogamers1926d ago

"Seriously why hasn't he stepped down. Nintendo need an up to date, fresh take on the company."

I absolutely agree. I've been saying it for a while but I always get downbubbled/disagrees. Iwata did a great job of making the Wii and the DS (two systems that I really love) but the problem is he doesn't keep the developers in line.

(incoming controversial opinion)

Iwata needs to be replaced by someone who will whip Miyamoto, Aonuma, Sakamoto, etc into shape. All of Nintendo's major development heads have gotten lazy and instead they just make "pet projects" that take years to develop.

Mr_Nuts1926d ago

*** Iwata needs to be replaced by someone who will whip Miyamoto, Aonuma, Sakamoto, etc into shape. All of Nintendo's major development heads have gotten lazy and instead they just make "pet projects" that take years to develop. ****

I think it's because he tries to be friends with them rather then their boss.

They are all friends to be honest and I think that's the problem. Hell it's the reason why no one has gotten him to step down. Yeah he's a nice guy and really polite but it's a business and Nintendo need a slap to the face.

TongkatAli1926d ago

Stop blaming Iwata. He is just a puppet like Obama and controls nothing.

3-4-51926d ago

So you want Iwata to be Don Mattrick ?

You are everything that is wrong with gaming.

Mr_Nuts1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

What the hell man, don't be an ass and twist someone's words.....actually no, that's wrong aswell since I never even mentioned Don Mattrick anywhere so you had nothing to twist...just making crap up for some reason. Don't do what trolls do man, especially even in your next sentence trying to be insulting.

Hell I never even mentioned Microsoft in general.

I just want Nintendo to stop trying to be so traditional all the time because the gaming industry is changing and you have to be more open minded these days...if not the industry will pass you by and will forget about you.

As I said Ubisoft was their biggest supporter and now they aren't sure on the Wii U any more.

just-joe1926d ago

I know right. Iwata refuses to layoff employees for the sake of profit while Japan still goes through their recession and and even goes on to take a 50% paycut along with other board members where other companies would have given the staff the axe apparently that's wrong?

diepdiep1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

Once the big games arrive, people will become more optimistic about the console. It's been said again and again and yet people still don't listen: Look at how the 3DS turned out (even the PS3 back then).

nick3091926d ago

So true. But people just love to bash a console just because they dont wanna buy it.

Mr_Nuts1926d ago

Why would people want to bash Nintendo for all they've given us in the past.

I wouldn't say people bash it, it's just criticism so they will get better. We don't want anything bad to happen to them, if you don't say anything they worst will happen. As consumers it's our job to make sure a company doesn't sink in the deep end and drowned.

Cmk01211926d ago

i dont disagree with what your saying but MEH, if you look at it this way. nintendo came out with a console as powerful as last gen right before next gen started. its just a bad and risky business stance. they rely heavily on the SAME games, with very few new exclsuive IP's.they dominated last gen with the casual gamer buying the wii like hot cakes but then not really playing it, it was a novelty hence its sales have just been awful over last few years after STORMING out of the gates.the game pad is a turn off too some. i dont know ive always like nintendo products but the wii and wii u just arent for me,or the hardcore gamer honestly. they dominate in hand helds as well but they are losing hte console gamers

MasterCornholio1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )


IF it is true that Nintendo really screwed up with the Wii U and if it really does fail in the market in the future Nintendo will realize what they did wrong with it and they will produce an incredible console.

Remember all the mistakes that Sony made with the PS3 and how the massive loss of market share caused them to change they way they design consoles?

Well the same can happen with Nintendo which is why they deserve a bit of pressure from their fans.

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CrunchKing1926d ago

what is this i dont even

RFornillos41926d ago

here's looking at you EA. you released ports that are either lacking in features as compared to the others (Madden), a re-branded FIFA (2012 > 2013), prevented porting of Crysis 3 even though it was running on Wii U, and undermine the release of Mass Effect 3 (which was ported okay btw), by releasing the trilogy on the other consoles before it was even released on the Wii U. after all that, you have the nerve to say that your products did not sell well on the Wii U? honestly, NFS Most Wanted was so far the only commendable port published by EA, and it was all Criterion; however by then it was already too late.

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