Mario Kart Wii scores high in Famitsu - Impressive score from Japanese gaming magazine

CVG writes: "Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has given Mario Kart Wii an impressive score of 10/9/9/9 in its review, according to German website

For those not up to scratch with their maths, the scores tot up to 37/40, which is slightly more generous than some reviewers have so far awarded it."

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wiizy4513d ago

that sounds about the right score. the game is looking great.

PS360WII4513d ago

Yeah good score for a Mario Kart ^^

fox024513d ago (Edited 4513d ago )

is Famitsu owned by Nintendo, or are nintendo first party games just GREAT??

smash bros., galaxy, kart...

bootsielon4513d ago

Nintendo is the moral police, so they know what's wrong and what's not, so if anyone is allowed to use strong arm legal tactics is them. Just ask the millions of fans owner of fan sites what it feels like to mess with Nintendo. Or hell, ask any developer that worked with Nintendo befor N64's downfall, and what it's gonna become now that the Wii is dominating.

Besides, Nintendo Zealots support this attitutde. I mean who DARES to rate a nintendo game below a 9? Remeber how Jeff Gerstmann got lambasted for rating the Wii version of Zelda TP an 8.8? Even though I don't agree with the rating... the zealots go "how DARE he, it's NINTENDO!".

v1c1ous4512d ago

famitsu will give a square-enix/nintendo/first-par ty sony game a guaranteed 35+

there's no arguing with this fact.

ChickeyCantor4512d ago

dont be a hypocrite, if your favo game got a low rating you would be b/tching like hell.

KeiZka4512d ago

You know, bootsielon, that fansite thingie was an april joke went awry. Then again, you might've ignored that as well. Who knows?

But it's quite callous to go and say Nintendo doesn't do quality games. Someone seems to have forgotten, that while they have lessened the control on 3rd party games, it seems the Nintendo seal of quality is still ticking inside the company itself. Of course it helps somewhat that it's a strong brand behind the games, but let's face it: Most of those scores Nintendo made games get, they deserve them.

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kwicksandz4513d ago

I think mario kart was crushed in the 64 era by diddy kong racing, and double dash didnt really freshen up the formula much.

i will still buy it along with brawl when the big N decides we aussies are worthy of a release date...

bootsielon4513d ago

Didi Kong was overly complicated. It was a good game, but too hardcore so it didn't have the staying power of MK64.

ChickeyCantor4512d ago

then you didnt play Mario kart DS.......that one is awesome...

FinalomegaS4513d ago

Hey! MK online, is there much else to be said. Wish we could trash talk the other players that play cheap. OMFGZ WTF lol, to the casual group they would be like EH?, but we know what we are saying, you feel me lol


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