The Earthbound Phenomenon: Is $15,000 Such a High Asking Price?

A prototype cart of Earthbound was recently posted on Ebay for the low, low price of US $15,000. Though the cart was sold yesterday for a lower, undisclosed amount, the question of whether this is an exorbitant asking price must be asked.

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Speed-Racer2023d ago

I'm sure someone will buy it.

darthv722023d ago

can be worth exceedingly more than the retail ones. Mainly because it is the prototype and there is very few of those in circulation. In many cases they get destroyed after a certain amount of time.

What I am most curious about is what did Valve do with those Half Life discs that were almost sent to stores for the Dreamcast? They had full retail packaging and everything but the game was canned right before release.

Same thing with Sega and Propeller Arena for DC. That game was purposely canceled even though it was complete due to the tragedy of 9/11.

i know both are available on the torrent market but there are some real legit pressed copies out there somewhere.

Those could be worth $$$

Donnieboi2023d ago

Just play it on emulation...

Tewi-Inaba2023d ago

people don't buy collector items just to play it.

nick3092023d ago

I rather give this give of money to charity

goldwyncq2023d ago

I love EarthBound but seriously, anyone who buy this is a fool.

kma2k2023d ago

i sold my regular copy about two years ago for $90 or so, i cant remember the exact ammount.