Haze Hands On & Video Preview with in-game footage at VideoGamer.Com

VideoGamer.Com writes:
"Mantel troopers absolutely love Nectar. And why not? Administering it through a big yellow disc on the back of their suits grants them super powers. Well, not super powers in a Superman or Spiderman way. Super powers in a "I feel really good about myself and will no doubt kill everyone in sight without breaking a sweat" kind of way."

Want even more info on Haze? Head over to VideoGamer.Com's video preview where you'll also find plenty of new in-game gameplay footage.

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tudors4473d ago

the graphics look ok, I have a Xbox-360 and honestly if the graphics got no better than COD4 I would not have a problem with that, as long as the gameplay keeps improving then the graphics are good enough for me.

Haze graphics would not put me off the game same as Forza doesn't for true driving fans.

Ghoul4473d ago

wow awesome preview / interview

i must say i was really looking foreward for haze since day 1 and im obviously not getting disapointed. The gameplay elements look awesome so far. Well done i can't wait to play it

masterg4473d ago

Looks good actually.
It's back on my list.

ar4473d ago

Intriguing. Definitely picking this up.

SL1M DADDY4473d ago

I have been looking forward to this one since day one and with posts like this I can say I am getting more and more excited to play this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.