Three Things We Could See Announced At Gamescom

With Gamescom just over the horizon, what could we see as the major announcements of the show? Here are three possible ideas.

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Xof1929d ago

Eh, I kind of doubt we'll see anything major from Gamescon. European devs go to E3, ya' know. The next big exciting thing is TGS, as we really haven't seen anything next-gen from Japanese developers yet.

I expect a solid showing from Bandai-Namco. They've been teasing a new Ace Combat and Star Ocean, and it's also about time for the Gundam Senki devs to unveil their next game (most likely a Gundam launch title).

medman1928d ago

You are woefully uniformed.

6DEAD6END61929d ago

I don't understand why people think M$ will announce a $399 sku that ships without the Kinect. We all know people will buy the cheapest modale since most will want the one without the Kinect. Think about it then that give devs a reason not to develop or add features that uses the Kinect, since the thought is there will be a group of people out there without it who will be alienated.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1929d ago

And how does the author expect M$ to offer a $300 SKU? Will they sell you the X1 and charge you for the wires and controller?

6DEAD6END61929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

The same way they except M$ cloud to solve all their gaming problems. Can someone please explain to me how the hell is cloud need to play a game like Titanfall or how people without Internet or bad Internet is going to game with the cloud.

xReDeMpTiOnx1929d ago

I very highly doubt Microsoft will ship a Lower price sky without kinect because of
A few reasons.

- they are already having to go back and recode the current x1 because of the 180 of drm and online policies

- they are sold on making sure kinect is a selling point of the x1

- they are also having over heating problems with the x1 so I would think a lower price sku just wouldn't fit in their schedule atm.

gamertk4211929d ago

I had heard overheating problems were with the PS4.

medman1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Uhhh..just the opposite buddy. The rumors are that Microsoft is having to underclock the Xbox One due to overheating issues. This has led to many speculating that we could see games that run on the PS4 at 60fps run at 30fps on the Xbone. That is verifiable with a simple online search, unlike the bs you've managed to release from your misinformed mandible. Sony's engineering has never been anything other than rock solid. Microsofts history is far more dire concerning reliability, and does not elicit confidence going forward. It's 2013, yet Microsoft can't even manage to produce a device without an external power supply and on top of that it still has overheating issues (allegedly)? Wake up.

gamertk4211926d ago

Always been rock solid, huh? What about the PS2 fat, or the numerous YLOD PS3's? Since I ran a game store, I think I know a thing or two about both of them. Wide awake over here.

Manic20141928d ago

they actually have already coded the MS 180 fix so they going to send that out on day on for the console. Hence the day one update.

If possible of the xbox one to come in a cheaper model it would be probably similar tot the original kinect but in a different design that may just bring the price to $399.

Though they made kinect part of the console; but just how they said you can turn the kinect off there probably is a possibility that they may keep that state without connecting the kinect.

There are very slim chances but, i'm sure MS had some back up plan for the consoles. though i think this will never happen but there is a very slim possibility.