Happy Tree Friends Teaser Trailer

Happy Tree Friends game will be available for download on April 21st for PC and Xbox 360!!!

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wageslave4241d ago

Ewwww. That poor cute animal who has his face ripped off by the falling plank.


bootsielon4240d ago

I'm guessing in 3 months PS3 will get a sh1tty port. I'm still waiting for my VF5 to get the online patch, a service which anyone would expect given that the PS3 SKU has a 4 times bigger installed base than the 360 game.

I didn't get it on 360 because not only did SEGA took an eternity to announce it, but they always said online was impossible on either platform; then Tekken 5 for PS3 did it, so SEGA had to compete, but it was too late as most people had bought it on PS3.

Until that is fixed, no SEGA games on neither PS3 or 360, <sarcasm> even though I am dying to play condemned 2 and cromehounds </sarcasm>.

RedSoakedSponge4240d ago

Iv always loved happy tree friends. I own all the episodes so it seems i HAVE to buy the XBLA title lol.


f7897904240d ago

Then the naive parent will go balistic. But at least the game will be entertaining!