Why Don't We Have A Good JAWS Game Yet?

Bagogames takes a look at the killer shark's video game history and wonders why we don't yet have a JAWS game worth playing yet.

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RGDubz1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Are you kidding? JAWS Unleashed on the PS2 is great, I still play it time to time to this day.

Freeroam + JAWS, targeting body parts ripping peoples limbs off , guts out & heads off, plus the game has great sound effects epecially when you grab someone who starts screaming & you proceed to drag them under the water.. how could all THAT not be fun?

I love killer shark movies and games but you're waiting for something that already happened, because for some odd reason it wasn't to "your liking" or you expected too much of the PS2/Xbox's hardware.