Game Informer - Test Chamber – Heads Up

Game Informer - If you've glanced at the iOS App Store lately, then you've probably noticed a new game called Heads Up! dominating the charts. Do you know that game where somebody holds a word on a piece of paper to their forehead and has to guess what it says based on the clues from their friends? Imagine your phone is that pieces of paper and that's Heads Up. This iOS party game produced by Ellen DeGeneres is not your average Test Chamber, but it's too much fun not to post online. One of the coolest features about this relatively simple game is that you can the videos from your iPhone's camera and have documentation of your friends acting like idiots.

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Dlacy13g1934d ago

Sure its a casual game...but this little gem on your phone at a party with booze.... PURE GOLD

GamingAngelGabriel1934d ago

Well then I must be King Kong.