Dylan Cuthbert: “There is a ton of Power Under the Hoods of” the PS4 and Xbox One

Q-Games is best known by PlayStation gamers for the numerous PixelJunk titles they’ve created, with Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD coming to the PlayStation Vita this summer. - PSLS

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TrendyGamers1931d ago

Now bring us some PixelJunk on PS4!

Foolsjoker1931d ago

I wonder if they will take advantage of the power, or keep the similar art style. Not sure which I would prefer more.

M-M1931d ago

Similar art style with more happening on screen is what would probably happen.

MysticStrummer1931d ago

They can keep the art style but add all kinds of effects, along with having more action on screen like Cooguy said.

warewolfSS1931d ago

Another developer, another one sayin

Belking1931d ago

bbbbbbbbuuuuuuuuutttttt....xbo x-one is supposed to be

sorane1931d ago

They're trying to sell games on these platforms. They'll tell you they're made of gold if it'll sell the game they're making.......