Cube World First Impressions: Beautiful Infinity

MWEB Gamezone writer WelshPixie looks at Cube World - the voxel sandbox RPG has just opened for alpha purchase. With its stunning, colourful landscapes and myriad activities from crafting to fighting, not to mention the ability to play singleplayer, LAN or small-scale multiplayer, the already long-awaited game is shaping up to be very promising indeed.

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HanCilliers1935d ago

What a beautiful preview. From the images one can clearly see the inspiration from games like WoW & Minecraft. It looks like a captivating, unique world. Again, great read

US8F1935d ago

I bought this game not 24 hours ago and I swear to god it is so good. There is a lot to be done ofcourse and it is still on alpha but in its current state, I really like it.

HanCilliers1932d ago

wow, that is good to hear!

GabeSA1935d ago

Indie version of WoW or what?

Choc_Salties1935d ago

I was thinking more like Minecraft and WoW combined, blew my mind

WelshPixie1935d ago

It doesn't come across much from the pics but it's VERY Zelda-esque. I'm not getting a WoW vibe at all from it, and I'm a long-time WoW player - but I've played a million and one RPGs.