Why Would I Even Want a Kinect?

"I'm sure many people have been asking themselves this question since we discovered that the Xbox One will be coming with a Kinect and since it is mostly the cause for the price difference when comparing the Xbox One to the PS4. So after the original Kinect that didn't do much for the core game why should we even want this new Kinect? Well I'm going to try and tell you why I think it is important and why I think it should be bundled with every Xbox." - XboxUncut

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Thepharaoh2120d ago

Because everyone loves being spied on silly

FordGTGuy2120d ago

Don't be a paranoid idiot, if the Kinect were built to spy on you they did a terrible job at it considering you can turn it off tape up the camera and microphone and throw it behind your TV and never mess with it again.

Majin-vegeta2120d ago

Bubbled down for personal attack.

The xbox juan wont work without kinect.

dazzrazz2120d ago

How would you know it was build for spying in the 1st place ? It's not like they gonna tell you "hey umm yeah we gonna be kinda looking into what you doing so don't be alarmed mkay ! " Microsoft was a 1st company to hop on board NSA program to give customer data under PRISM program. Now they are trying (and most likely will) pass the laws where companies won't be asked nicely to cooperate, simply they will have to do what NSA and other so called "security" agencies will desire to look at. If this technology was available in 80's and earlier such organizations like Stasi, Securitate or SB would be in heaven...

RyuCloudStrife2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

sheeple.. Ohh... Hi FordGTGuy :). You trust a company like M$ to never spy on you? PRISM.

TheOneEyedHound2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

Bubble down also. get the Xbot!!!

Wizziokid2120d ago

You do know you get get things like your laptop webcam hacked.

It doesn't need to be MS, but they already got caught doing it with skype, this will be a bride for any clever hacker to gain access to your life.

georgeenoob2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

This shows how irrational fanboys can be. It's like they're just trying to find anything now since the no games and drm argument is gone.

Do you REALLY think MS is going to sit there and watch you sitting in a chair holding a controller? Don't you think a gaming giant has better things to do?

You act like MS is going to be the first to ever release a camera.

grimmweisse2120d ago


Having a camera that you can unplug and still use the hardware as opposed to having a camera that is mandatory is different.

Yes, MS has better things to do like do a 180, oh right, that already done that. People don't trust MS enough to have kinect as a mandatory piece of hardware, and i don't blame those people. All the negatives MS caused to the Xbox brand is self inflicted.

You honestly think MS wont use the kinect to their advantage, that is very short sighted. It already failed as a gaming gimmick, MS might as well use it for other things.

georgeenoob2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )


That's the stupidest thing I've heard. So since the first Kinect didn't do so well, the second one must be to spy on you? Oh and incase you didn't know, the camera can be turned off when the Xbox isn't on. So tell me this, you seriously think MS are going to dedicate their time to watching millions of people sitting there playing video games.

Am I really the only one that thinks this is beyond stupid? Oh yea I forgot I was dealing with fanboys.

Lannister2120d ago


Don't be silly. Me sitting there playing games is more than enough for MS to bombard me with stupid Nike and Pringles ads because I was gaming while wearing a Nike tee and eating Pringles.

pompombrum2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

Lol it's hilarious seeing the backlash from people now. Before the whole Snowden stuff, everyone on here was laughing at how ridiculous claims of spying was. Now who is laughing? Or crying, or facepalming.. either way doesn't sound so stupid that kinect could be used as a spying device does it now?

XboxDone2120d ago

The only idiot here is you for damage controlling a fucking camera

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Ezz20132120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

no that's the real reason

Jaces2120d ago

It's a gimmick just like everything else, PSeye included. Main reason I'm not buying the Bone day one. Forcing me to pay extra for something I don't want.

PSVita2120d ago

I'd usually agree with you on the pseye but the light bar on the DS4 changes everything.

greenlantern28142120d ago

MS said that with connect they could get a better feel for you the user and it will recognize the people in the room and tailor the U.I to you. Personalized ads or movie trailers so in a way yes it is spying on you, but not for what people seem to think. The fbi is never gonna knock on your door " we where watching you through your Kinect and your under arrest"
It is a marketing tool for ms to learn how to better market to the user

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Ezz20132120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

wait, you don't love kinect ?!
well, i advice you to not say that in front of your Xbox One
you don't want to piss it off

TheOneEyedHound2120d ago

That's creepy, I just got Goosebumps.

R.I.P Hal

Septic2120d ago

Haha that's brilliant.

I'm actually quite excited for the Kinect; the voice control bits anyway. THAT IS if they work. Recording, snapping the browser/skype etc.

Although saying that, the voice commands on the original Kinect left me wanting to strangle a cat.

Kinect being mandatory has a lot of advantages. Obviously developers can cater for the hardware now knowing that every X1 owner has one and the tech itself has been improved.

I always imagine for example, playing Mass Effect and using the biotic powers like lift with my hands. Force powers basically. But...lets not talk about THAT Star Wars game.

B-radical2120d ago

Im more intrested to put my face on game characters ahah

no_more_heroes2120d ago

The problem is that everyone is going only off of what they see from Kinect 1 now.

Simple solution, Microsoft: make compelling games that make good use of its features.

To be fair though, that's far more likely to happen this time around, what with every console coming with one and the device itself being far more capable than it's predecessor.

mcstorm2120d ago

I agree. I am also looking forward to using Kinect 2 with the family like we did with the 360 Kinect. Im also looking forward to seeing what other developers can do with it as we saw some good things with Kinect 1 on games like Forza 4 and Horizon, Fifa 13, Fable Journey ect.

Kinect is not the main reason why I am getting the One but it adds extra options to the console and more than less is better.

Lvl_up_gamer2120d ago

lets not forget that with some simple software updates to the XB and interesting features could be added to utilize Kinect with the TV/DR functions.

we are just a few steps away from a minority report type of interface.

mcstorm2120d ago

@Lvl_up_gamer I agree we could be very well on our way to that if MS carry on supporting Kinect.

Godmars2902120d ago

I'll ask this again; is there even an indicator light on Kinect which tells you that its on?

sAVAge_bEaST2120d ago

I didn't see one.. But , you will be able to tell it's on, when you start to get an uneasy feeling,.. and your dash board is bombarded with personalized ads.

No_Limit2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

I want the Kinect because....I have nothing more to add. Xbox One Day One. as a source??? The great length you people go to dig up negative Xbox articles. Well done N4gers. LOL

The_Klank2120d ago

Huh? This is defending the Kinect... but I guess you never bothered to read it.

No_Limit2120d ago

Dang, I made myself looking like a fool. I saw the headline and I automatically thought it was a negative article. :/ Thanks for slapping me back to reality Klank.

Hicken2120d ago

So, rather than even give ONE reason as justification, you essentially say "Just because."

And then you rant and rave about others?

KillrateOmega2120d ago

You don't exactly have to go to great lengths to find negative Xbox One articles... :P