Major Nelson Confirms Xbox will be at Gamescon

Major nelson confirms rumor's of xbox's appearance at gamescon

Saints943744d ago

Hope they all put a nice show of games.

IamTheStorm813744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

Hopefully they'll announce the release date then, too.

Or, preferably, even sooner.

shoddy3743d ago

Hopefully they will answer what happen when kinect is disconnect/broken.
they should tell us more details about "power of teh cloud".

papashango3743d ago

they're going to announce that kinect is no longer a requirement then a kinectless x1 for $399

They'll also reiterate that there will bo no 24 hour checkin, no account locked games, and a free market trade for games. Basically like 360 does it.

That's about their best bet after the e3 conundrum.

LOGICWINS3744d ago

The more games the better. Maybe a cheaper SKU option :)

Mr_Nuts3744d ago

It seems unlikely if you mean "new" unannounced games

They probably will just show some of the ones they had at E3. I don't think Microsoft have ever had big unannounced new games revealed at Gamescom.

B-radical3743d ago

Who ever said "new" unannounced games? Man go elsewhere if your trying to start arguments.

PFFT3743d ago

They did say that had a few more games to show. BUT we will see.

No_Limit3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Sorry to disappoint you, Mr. Nuts,

there will be more "new" unannounced games to be shown at Gamescon. There will be a one hour press conference and Phil Spencer already confirmed that more exclusives would be announced.

"E3 show is all games but we'll still have more exclusives to announce post E3. I expect GamesCom to be a good event."

nick3093743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Sony fanboys shouldn't try to troll in every article. X1 will sell good for the exclusives.... 360 sold well so did ps3

Manic20143743d ago

Doubt that, they do have a couple first part game's in development and also some third party exclusives.

Mr_Nuts3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )


"Sony fanboys"

LOL...Oh yes because anyone who states something negatively about a company is a fanboy. Get real man. Honestly the only people who say that is fanboys themselfs that are ticked off someone how critisized their beloved company and theres nothing else they can say to them as an insult so they go straight to call them a fanboy themselfs


Really...starting arguments, how is that trying to start an argument I was just saying IF the OP meant unannounced games. I even said that

"It seems unlikely IF you mean..."



I find it hillarious you said that but you uploaded the article because you said below

*** I uploaded it because there was a ps4 fan saying they weren't gonna be at gamescon ***

Who's trying to start crap now

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georgeenoob3743d ago

Maybe Black Tusk's game will be revealed.

3743d ago
abzdine3743d ago

that's good, i'll be at gamescom too to try all different games.
people talk about SKU at 399$ and kinect not important if they do that then they'll just be even bigger liars than i thought they were. They are losing ground like never before due to their arrogance, now no one really cares.

Aceman183743d ago

Thank you for the obvious ensign Nelson. I think we all knew two of the big 3 would be there. It wouldn't surprise me if all 3 were there.

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Abriael3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

No, really?!


I wonder why we need "confirmation" about this kind of things :D

CrossingEden3743d ago

because rumors spread like wildfire when it comes to gamers

Maddens Raiders3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Well of course they'll be there unless they want to flush even more paychecks down the toilet. They could ill afford to miss Gamescon without looking completely outclassed and unprepared for this gen.

B-radical3743d ago

I uploaded it because there was a ps4 fan saying they weren't gonna be at gamescon and other people got confused by his comment

G20WLY3743d ago

What a pillar of the community you are! lol

Any other 'games' companies going to 'games'con? I'm confused; can you post an article ;P

hakesterman3743d ago

There will be a lot more firings over Xbox before the year ends. I'd say two weeks after launch you will see at least 8 high ranking people disappear due to Xbone's poor market share.


meanwhile, i didnt think microsoft even had to confirm their presence at a game convention.

abzdine3743d ago

they skipped Gamescom last year.

FrigidDARKNESS3743d ago

Gamescom is goin to be special for the xbox one. Their will be more exclusive titles announced and more launch titles added.

A week Aifter Gamescom On Aug 27 MS tech engineers will be talking xbox one silicon and the next gen gpu that will be GCN 2.0 mark this date on your calendar.

B-radical3743d ago

We already know about the xbox one gpu and new direct x though

FrigidDARKNESS3743d ago

This event call Hotchips mainly talk about next generation Radeon Gpu cards and future grafx technolog finalising the xb1 gpu.